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Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise Credits

37 people


DirectorRon Gilbert
Design TeamRon Gilbert, Laurie Rose Bauman, Annie Fox, Shelley M. Day
ProgrammersTami Borowick, Dave Timoney, Bret Barrett
Sound EffectsDave Timoney
Voice EditingDave Timoney
Background ArtDev Madan, Justin Hampton
AnimationDerek McCaughan, Augie Pagan, Dev Madan, Brad Carlton, Edward Pun
Lead TesterThomas Goedde
TestingKristina Sontag, Beau Folsom, Paul Rybicki, Matthew Medina, Peter Crayne, James Watson, John Darcy, Travis Michael Day, Brian Miller, David Julian, Tom Barber, Thomas Faber, Andrew Feucht III, Colin Riviere, Jeffrey Tomlinson
System ProgrammingRon Gilbert, Brad P. Taylor, Aric Wilmunder
Windows SystemBrad P. Taylor
Windows ConversionPeter Crayne
VoiceScott Burns (as Fatty Bear)
MusicTom McMail
Audio DirectorLaurie Rose Bauman
Audio EngineerThomas McGurk
Product MarketingSue Klamert, Susan Miller
HandbookBrad Carlton, Shelley M. Day
Help FileDavid E. West

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Credits for this game were contributed by Dave Timoney (976)