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Federation Wrestling Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game's main menu
Starting a career. The player can customise the pre-set player who has gone from a regular guy to a bald guy in high heels and a skirt
This shows the player's keyboard commands. As each is highlighted the animated wrestler(s) act the move out
The game does take a while to set up the characters. The match is a free-for-all with four wrestlers, a referee - he has the hat, and a spectator who is not shown
A match begins. Each player makes their entrance to their own music and with their own pose
Once all wrestlers are in the ring the MC makes his announcements. Someone's weapon is a bag of tacks. The player has their hammer ready
Some special moves can drop two wrestlers in one go
The player has been eliminated, now the three remaining computer players stomp on each other until only one is left. This takes a further nine brutal minutes!
The end of a match
The game has many configuration options so the game comes with some pre-set options that are used in Exhibition mode