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The Feeble Files Credits

80 people (79 developers, 1 thanks)


Written bySimon Woodroffe
Designed bySimon Woodroffe
ProducerMichael Woodroffe
DirectorMichael Woodroffe
ProgrammingAlan Bridgman
Assistant ProducerMatt Gardom
Sales and MarketingKaren Griffiths
AdministrationTricia Woodroffe, Lorna Spink
Artwork & AnimationHeather Calder, David Cockburn, Deanne Cowe, Amanda Douglas, Maria Drummond, Paul Drummond, David Oliver, Steven Rutherford, Malcolm Shortt, Troy Tempest, Jef Wall, David Jeffries, Paul Tempest
Sound EffectsSarah Bowers
MusicDavid R. Punshon
Title ThemeGraham Crabb (Pop Will Eat Itself / Golden Claw Music)
Graphics ProcessingAndrew Brazier, Emma Davey, Chris Downes
Sound Editing AssistantJonathan Woodroffe
PlaytestingTom Davey, James Sherwood, Scott Yates
Voicerecording and CastingRupert Degas
Box Design & ProductionCampbell Fay Company Limited
German Project LeadDaniel Lang (The Moose; at Sunflowers)
AssistantAlexander Röder, Matthias Stiffel, Frank Fay
German TranslationKerstin Winter
Voice RecordingSynergy Studios
CorrectionsMarion Strothteicher
Assistant Production & ManualMiracles Inc.
MarketingSusanne Schäfer, Stefan Weyl (Infogrames)
Special Thanks Tothe Team of Pig'n'Pipes
English Voice ActorsSean Barrett, Jay Benedict, Tim Bentinck, Julia Brams, Maggie Clews, Rupert Degas, Bill Dufris, Paul Mark Elliot, Denica Fairman, Laurel Lefkow, Alec Linstead, Robert Llewellyn, Alan Marriott, Neil McCall, Phoebe Schofield, Peter Tuddenham, William Vanderpuye, Joanna Wyatt
German VoicesTobias Meister (as Floyd), Regina Lemnitz (as Dolores), Arne Fuhrmann (as SAM), Uwe Koschel, Martin Arnhold, Stefan Wikening, Ilona Strauss, Stefanie Mau, Thomas Wenke, Peter Wenke, Roberto Capelluti, Helge Heinold, Monike Hessenberg, Hans-Jörg Karrenbrock, Elke Schützhold, Mario Belon, Sonngard Dressler, Nick Benjamin, The Moose, Zarges & Wanger

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Laurel Lefkow, 55 other games
Peter Wenke, 49 other games
Tim Bentinck, 48 other games
Rupert Degas, 39 other games
Sonngard Dressler, 37 other games
Hans-Jörg Karrenbrock, 32 other games
Stefan Weyl, 27 other games
David R. Punshon, 25 other games
Frank Fay, 21 other games
Simon Woodroffe, 21 other games
Alan Marriott, 19 other games
Jay Benedict, 18 other games
Martin Arnhold, 17 other games
Nick Benjamin, 16 other games
Malcolm Shortt, 16 other games
Michael Woodroffe, 15 other games
Mario Belon, 14 other games
David Oliver, 13 other games
Paul Drummond, 13 other games
William Vanderpuye, 13 other games
Alan Bridgman, 11 other games
Tobias Meister, 10 other games
Jef Wall, 9 other games
Deanne Cowe, 9 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Xoleras (66588) and Pix (1221)