Feeding Frenzy Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Loading Screen
Choose to play either the main game, or the fast-paced Time Trial from the main menu.
Start your journey!
Level 1: Small Fish Small Pond
Eat smaller fish and dodge bigger ones
Try to collect bonuses
Beware of sharks
Changing underwater environments as you move along
Freeze power-up, freezes all fish!
Eat and grow, now who's the boss?
"Fun Fact" at the end of every level, the educational side of the game.
Careful not to eat poison fish, or touch mines!
"Berserk" power-up, automaticly eat all smaller fish on the screen
"S" Power-up, makes you safe for one hit.
Bonus levels, collect as many as you can!
Big league! you're but a baby whale in a sea of sharks!
The Final Showdown!
You can hide right behind him.
Stay out of his path or get sucked in!