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Fighter Ace 3.5 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

After the installation the player must set up a pilot before playing. Up to five pilots can be set up per account.
After registration the player gets to see a welcome screen.
Then the game menus load.
There are lots of configurable items that improve quality or performance.
The game has a library of off-line training missions to help the player become familiar with the controls before taking to the skies in a multiplayer game.
This is the cockpit view of the P-40C Tomahawk which is used for the basic take-off & landing training. Instructions are received via the HUD as well as through the speakers / headphones.
This is the plane on the ground.
The function keys change the viewpoint from the full cockpit view to the virtual view and external view.
As each training mission loads a different graphic is displayed. The graphic has no relationship to the mission, this was displayed prior to a mission where US planes torpedo Japanese ships.
As any time the F1 key will display a list of commands.
This is the cockpit view from a Corsair on a torpedo run.
Flying close is good, flying too close is bad.
Using the virtual cockpit gives an excellent rear view, the normal rear view just shows the back of the seat. Here a Japanese ship has been successfully torpedoed.
This is a Hurricane Mk 1.
The 'M' key brings up a map view, useful for plotting intercept courses.