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Fighter Pilot Credits (Windows)

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Fighter Pilot Credits


Executive ProducerAndy Hollis
ProducerBryan Walker
DirectorTim Little
Game Design (Origin Systems, Inc.)Bryan Walker
Game Design (Charbydis Enterprises, Inc.)James Flores, Steve Hemmesch
Scenario Design (Origin Systems, Inc.)Lance Stites
Scenario Design (Charbydis Enterprises, Inc.)James Flores, Steve Hemmesch
Art (Charbydis Enterprises, Inc.)Nathan Denney, Kenneth Lee Mayfield, Charles Walker, Leslie Weiler
Programming (Charbydis Enterprises, Inc.)Sean Gallagher, Dan Higdon, Matthew Lamari, Chuck Walbourn
Audio Engineers (Origin Systems, Inc.)Mat Mitchell, Lisa Elliott Cobb (as Lisa Elliot), Jason Cobb, Bill Munyon
Music (Origin Systems, Inc.)Jason Cobb, Joe Basquez, Mat Mitchell, Stretch Williams, Bill Munyon

Voice Actors

CobraPaul Deaton
MervynEv Lunming
AWACS OfficerCrystal Calderoni
Briefing OfficerDavid Swofford
Cockpit ComputerBethlyn Gerard
SpiffEric Peterson
YahooErik Hanchay
CrossbowPaul Deaton
IvanovichEv Lunming

Credits (cont.)

QA Managers (Origin Systems, Inc.)J. Allen Brack ('Blair'), Paul Vaden ('Paladin')
QA Lead (Origin Systems, Inc.)Myque Ouellette ('Sir Perky')
QA (Charbydis Enterprises, Inc.)Christine Higdon
QA TestersBrandon Paul Salinas (credited as Brandon ), Mack Fair (credited as Mackey ), Lance Stites (credited as Lance ), Todd Raffray (credited as Todd ), Rhea Shelley (credited as Rhea ), Kenny Hott (credited as Kenny ), Timothy Bell (credited as Timothy ), Grant McDaniel (credited as Grant ), Rand Van Fossen (credited as Rand )
Special Thanks to Origin SkunkworksGreg Kreafle, Michael J. McDonald, John Paquin, Max D. Remington III, Scott Elson, Jerry McKee, John Dugan, David McKibbin, Tom Whittaker, Todd Brizzi, Reece Thornton
Uses Miles Sound System. Copyright (c) 1991-1998RAD Game Tools Inc.

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Credits for this game were contributed by piltdown_man (155225)