Fighter Pilot Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game starts with one of the coolest company logos around
There's no animated introduction to this game, after the EA logo the music plays over this picture for a while and then it's into the title page and the menu
The title screen
The first screen the player sees is the high score / create new pilot screen
The game configuration screen. The Demo Mode button is switched on by default, this takes the layer into a tutorial lesson if no mission is selected in ten seconds
A new pilot has been created. Demo Mode is enabled, this will trigger a tutorial flight if no mission is selected
The first mission is an escort mission
Mission 1: The mission briefing
Mission 1: After each mission there's a review and the story unfolds a little more
Each mission is scored
The game does have the option of internet gameplay
The game's exit screen. This picture is shown while the music plays and the credits are displayed
The player has fired missiles at the patrolling enemy aircraft. They are tracked by the camera in the lower right. The low, centre window is used for messages and pilot comments
Got One!
The game obligingly tells the pilot when they have a lock on the enemy aircraft - at least it does in Novice mode
These white puff balls are clouds raised by exploding missiles, other explosions make black ones