Advertising Blurbs
    Fighter Squadron: The Screamin' Demons Over Europe puts the "flight" in flight simulators. No combat simulation has featured such flight realism, graphical detail, or active game environments.

    Flight Model: The Fighter Squadron flight model is based on a floating point mathematical model, which calculates equations of motion to a much more accurate degree than integer mathematics. Each of the nine planes in the game flies just like its real-world counterpart and differently from every other plane in the game.

    Graphics: Finally, see World War II in rich, beautiful full color! The game software emulates such 3-D graphic capabilities as texture mapping, per-pixel exponential fogging, bi-linear filtering and Z-buffering. With full direct-to-card 3-D hardware support, the game approaches photorealistic levels of graphical detail.

    Per-polygon Collision Detection: Rather than going from full flight to complete destruction with a couple of machine-gun hits, the planes in Fighter Squadron take damage on a per-polygon basis, which realistically and adversely affects handling incrementally.

    OpenPlane interface: Players can design their own planes and then insert them into the Fighter Squadron game using the revolutionary OpenPlane interface.

    Multiplayer Madness: Up to eight networked gamers can take to the skies via LAN or over the Internet for unmatched machine-gunning dogfight action.

    Live Environments: A sophisticated and unpredictable artificial intelligence model governs the behavior of each self-controlled objects in the entire game environment. Each tailgunner in an enemy bomber or each truck in a caravan operates independently according to spontaneous environment conditions.

    Multiple Mission Configurations: 30 unique scenarios with nine different aircraft, different national allegiances and three regions deliver 200 different mission options. In addition, players can switch planes within a squadron or change from pilot to tailgunner to bombardier, on the fly during combat.

    Unmatched Authenticity: Each cockpit in Fighter Squadron features functional instrumentation and is modeled after the actual aircraft using hundreds of polygons. Each plane is fully loaded with the same armament used during the War.

    Mission Editor: A simple drag-and-drop interface allows computer pilots to custom tailor their own WWII mission scenarios in the three game environments. Players can alter existing targets and airfields in the environment as well as create additional aircraft, ground vehicles and sea vessels. Creators of particularly challenging scenarios can upload them to the hangar area to share with other enthusiasts.

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Print advertisement - PC Player 03/1999:



    Der Kampf zerschmettert Ihr Ego, Schrappnells zerschmettern Ihre Frontscheibe. Im Zweiten Weltkrieg kann beim Luftkampf theoretisch alles passieren. In Fighter Squadron passiert auch praktisch alles. Die Jäger und Bomber von 1940 sind so authentisch simuliert, daß Sie es buchstäblich spüren, wenn der Kugelhagel auf Ihre Maschine prasselt. Fighter Squadron bringt den Krieg so nah, daß Sie wünschten, Sie hätten doch nicht den Helden gespielt …


    Authentisch nachgebildete amerikanische, deutsche und englische Flugzeuge, darunter die B-17G Flying Fortress, die Me 262, die P-38J Lightning und die Mosquito.

    Detailliert dargestellte virtuelle 3D-Cockpits geben den Blick frei auf eine lebensechte 360°-Umgebung.

    Bis zu 40 Beschädigungsmöglichkeiten pro Flugzeug. Teile werden abgeschossen, und der zerrissene Rumpf flattert im Wind und beeinflußt die Flugdynamik.

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Press Release:


    Next-Generation Flight Simulator Set For October Release

    Plano, TX, June 1, 1997 -- Spotlighting the intense, aerial close-combat of World War II, Parsoft's upcoming flight simulation Fighter Squadron: The Screamin' Demons Over Europe packs the throaty rumble, split-second agility and short-range armament of the most notable planes of the era.

    Developed by the award-winning creators of Hellcats Over the Pacific and the A-10 Series, the game showcases an all-new physics model and authentic environments that produce an unequaled air-war experience.

    Slated for release in Fall 1997, Fighter Squadron: The Screamin' Demons Over Europe will be available for the Macintosh at an estimated shelf price of $49.95. The Windows version of Fighter Squadron: The Screamin' Demons Over Europe will be published by Activision Inc.

    "Fighter Squadron: The Screamin' Demons Over Europe will be the most realistic flight simulator ever released," states Eric Parker, Founder and The Programmer, ParSoft Interactive. "Based on our advanced physics simulation, Fighter Squadron will have a unique 'live environment' which allows all of the planes to move and react to forces just as they would in real life. For example, if you fly up behind your enemy and lay into him with gunfire, completely blowing the plane to pieces, the impact of the explosion and flying debris will effect the performance of your plane exactly as it would in a real life scenario. That's why we refer to it as a live environment. This level of simulation has previously been missing from WWII simulators."

    Featuring a ground-breaking simulator engine based on the most accurate inertia, gravity and force calculations to date, Fighter Squadron: The Screamin' Demons Over Europe vividly recreates the up close and personal combat of The Great War. The simulation depicts three unique scenarios from WWII: the English Channel, Rhineland and Northern Africa theaters. Choosing from nine different planes, including the Lockheed P-38 Lightning, the Focke-Wulf Fw 190 and the Messerschmitt Me-262 (the first jet fighter on earth) players can rewrite the history by puncturing enemy warbirds with abandon and piloting skill.

    # # #

    ParSoft Interactive is a privately held software publisher dedicated to the development of high quality flight simulation software for the Macintosh and Windows operating environments. Headquartered in Plano Texas, with an office in New York, the company has consistently received high praises and awards from both consumers and editors for the game play of their software titles.

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Back of Box:


    "Flight sim fans are going to go nuts over the game's incredibly realistic physics/damage model... It could be the only combat-flight sim you'll need all year."
    - PC Games Magazine

    "No other sim I've flown has so fully captured the feeling of the entire flying experience."
    - Denny Atkin, Computer Gaming World

    Face the grim realities of World War II. Feel the shudder of shrapnel piercing fuselage. Eye the torrent of smoke and shattered parts trailing from your engine. And just try to make it back to base alive with a sheared-off wing. Fighter Squadron: The Screamin' Demons Over Europe delivers combat so real, you'll wish you weren't such a damn hero.

    Master Realistic Flight and Damage Models
    Up to 40 break-off points per plane offer realistic collision detection. Engines get knocked out, parts are shot off and torm fuselage flutters in the wind, realistically affecting flight dynamics.

    Explore Breathtaking 3-D Worlds
    Native 3Dfx support, D3D support, or software emulation of 3-D hardware features enhance each fully-functioning instrument panel and deliver breathtaking, hand-built, texture-mapped terrain.

    FLy 10 Authentically-Modeled Aircraft
    Pilot WWII American, German and British fighters and bombers: ME-262, P-38J Lightning, B-17G Flying Fortress, Mosquito, P-51D Mustang, Focke Wulf FW-190, Ju-88, Lancaster, Spitfire, and Typhoon.

    Challenge Foes in Multiplayer Dogfights
    Fly solo or go up against friends in multiplayer dogfights via LAN or Internet.

    Survive Brutal WWII Scenarios
    Take on 90 separate missions in 30 scenarios with advanced squadron A.I.: aggression, loyalty, morale, skill and sanity - even individual gunner positions react independently.

    Continue the Unrelenting Battle
    Hot-switching lets you change positions in a plane or switch planes in a squadron mid-dogfight. Use the drag-and-drop Mission Editor to easily create single-player scenarios with waypoints, targets, plane A.I., and win conditions.

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