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Critic Reviews

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DarkZero (Jun 13, 2016)
Simply put, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster is the most complete package for one of the most celebrated entries in the series. Not everything included has stood up to the test of time, but the sentiment of the whole being better than the sum of its parts describes this HD collection perfectly.
GamingTrend (May 18, 2016)
There’s no point in trying to sum up Final Fantasy X or X-2’s storyline beyond saying that it is every bit as incredible as you remember, cringeworthy laughing sequences and all. The PC version brings accessibility and graphical upgrades, as well as the promises of unofficial mod-based improvements. If this is your first time with Final Fantasy X, I envy you — it’s a powerful journey that you won’t soon forget.
PC Gamer (May 19, 2016)
This is a good value package, too. This remaster retailed for full price on PlayStation, and here we get them at a budget price, which is generous. There are some of signs of age on both games, particularly the random battles and voice-acting, but new players will still get a lot out of them if they can tolerate that. Spira is a wonderful world that’s well worth exploring, and X and X-2’s different approaches to combat systems are both deep and exciting. Now we’re just Final Fantasy XII and a couple of spin-offs away from having all the best moments of the series on PC.
Examiner (May 23, 2016)
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster for PC is the definitive version of two great entries in the overall series. There’s more than enough additional content packed in, refined visuals and a remastered soundtrack that alone would be worth it, but put on top of it a few of the better Final Fantasy journeys and memorable characters, as well as mechanics and it’s an easy recommendation. If you’re missing Final Fantasy, waiting for FFXV, or just plain want a good RPG then look no further. At a great price point, this is the one to go with and deserves a spot in any RPG fan’s library.
Brash Games (May 19, 2016)
Considered one of the strongest narratives in the series by some, mine being FF7, it certainly deserves to be played again in this remastered version or if you’ve never experienced it before. Sure if you’re used to modern RPG’s and turn-based game it may feel a little slow, but there’s depth and complexity here that at times is unrivaled. For the most part the core game is untouched and the remaster has polished an already impressive experience and added a few nice bonus features. The addition of Last Mission and the new audio segments are nice to have available and the game looks great on PC. The game certainly has its issues and downfalls but overall it’s a great game that is worth playing and now having the complete remastered version allows you to experience the games in one awesome package. Long time fans will enjoy returning to Spira and it’s a great way for first timers to jump in.