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Bottom Line: Fireteam is an incredible online gaming experience. In fact, it's the best online combat game available to date. The real time voice communication works great, and lag is kept to an absolute minimum. Play balancing is very well implemented. All units move too slowly for effective maneuvering, and unit types are each locked into a single sex.
FireTeam is een heel erg leuk en interessant spel voro mensen die internet hebben en wel weer eens wat anders willen dan dat hersendode geschiet van een potje Quake. Met een 28k* en een Pentium 133 kun je al aan de slag. Reken er wel op dat je neit een super-ultra-moderne-3D voor je neus krijgt.
GameSpot (Feb 08, 1999)
Much has been made about Multitude's FireTeam and its support for real-time communication over the Internet. What you may not have heard, however, is that the game offers an excellent brand of online-only team combat, complete with one of the best all-around player communities on the Net.
Like any online game, a lot of enjoyment hinges on the people you play with. My chief complaint about FIRETEAM is the lack of available movement options. You can only jog, turn, kneel, and sidestep. I was aching to do a forward dive into the endzone or execute a quick roll from behind cover more times than I can count. But this isn’t going to keep me from playing. FIRETEAM isn’t the greatest or most exciting thing I’ve put on my hard drive of late, but it’s undeniably a good time.
80 (UK) (May 09, 2000)
Fireteam is great fun, and a definite case of gameplay over graphics. With low system requirements and only needing a 56k modem to achieve results, Cryo have certainly done a good job. Fireteam is one to check out if you fancy something different.
FiringSquad (Dec 27, 1998)
Fireteam definitely breaks new ground with the amazingly cool real-time voice communication features, which surprisingly didn't slow down the game much at all. By keeping the game simple and letting the game do the talking (pun intended), Multitude has created a game that is immersive, intense, and a blast to play. With the addition of several new features, and possibly a few more weapons possibly in a later patch, Fireteam may be one of the hottest multiplayer-only games of the season. Look out, 'cause Fireteam may spread like wildfire before you know it.
Game Revolution (Jan 01, 1999)
Fire Team is basically everything that it was promised to be - it is a solid team game with the cool ability to be able to talk to your teammates. Lag is so commendably low - this would be much more of an advantage if only more people played. All they need is a few more people on the team.
70 (Oct 28, 1999)
Encore un exemple des jeux un peu mal proportionnés. Fireteam est à la fois sympathique et marrant à jouer mais tout aussi frustrant car trop lent et pas assez souple dans les commandes. L'action est quasiment absente lors des batailles et seuls les quelques tirs sporadiques arriveront à tuer l'ennui.