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Softpedia (May 12, 2011)
Overall, The First Templar is a pretty decent game, but you do get the feeling that certain aspects needed more polish, including graphics, game code or dialog, but it's still a good action adventure game. While it's no Assassin's Creed 'killer', The First Templar will entertain players, especially if you have a buddy to take on the role of your companion through the interesting story.
GamingExcellence (Jul 20, 2011)
First Templar leaves me with mixed feelings. One the one hand it's a very fun and engaging game to make your way through with a friend, but on the other hand it has little problems here and there that mar the gameplay. It seems like it was sloppily put together and could have been better constructed all around in order to make the gameplay more fluid. It's a decent game to go through at least once and is definitely worth picking up. Not necessarily at full price, but it's certainly worth playing.
Absolute Games ( (Jun 04, 2011)
The First Templar сложно судить обычными мерками, она слишком неоднозначна. Неплохой сюжет — устаревшая графика. Интересные бои — дурацкий «стелс». Большие пространства — линейные коридоры. Но десять часов безостановочного махания мечом вспоминаются с улыбкой, а не с проклятиями. Начало положено, хорошо бы только первый тамплиер не стал последним.
GameSpot (May 18, 2011)
If you break down the individual pieces of this budget-priced RPG, there isn't much that hasn't been done before. The basic structure feels like many other games, and the combat hardly reinvents the wheel. But there's an enticing charm that makes it difficult to pull away once you begin your journey. Strong visual design certainly helps. You travel across Europe and the Middle East, through sun-drenched deserts and besieged towns, and every area has a unique look and is just begging to be explored. And you can even play through with a friend, though the execution is sadly lacking. There's no drop-in/drop-out option, so you need to start a new session if you want to investigate these lands with a buddy. There are small problems swirling around the periphery of this game, but none of these issues can completely derail your enjoyment. The First Templar is a fun and varied chase for one of the most sought-after items in existence.
PC Games (Germany) (May 14, 2011)
Schade, schade – von dem eigentlich spannenden Kreuzritter-Gralssuche-Spektakel hätte ich mir deutlich mehr versprochen. Leider springt der Funke einfach nicht über: Über weite Strecken sind die Levels zu leblos, die Animationen wirken unprofessionell, die mäßige deutsche Sprachausgabe enttäuscht. Dazu bekommt man als Spieler viel zu wenig Feedback im Kampf, etwa wie effektiv eine Kombo ist. Am Ende kloppt man eben einfach wild drauflos und verlässt sich auf die gut agierende Begleiter-KI.
65 (May 19, 2011)
The First Templar è un titolo di discreta fattura, con un buon sistema di combattimento che però non valorizza il repertorio di mosse a disposizione. I livelli sono numerosi e dunque ci si trova ad esplorare una gran quantità di scenari differenti, seguendo una trama appassionante e ben narrata, ma l'azione si rivela troppo lineare fin dalle prime battute e i continui riferimenti ad Assassin's Creed (il pedinamento, le uccisioni silenziose e persino le fasi in cui si usano delle catapulte per colpire dall'alto gruppi di soldati e torri mobili) non migliorano la situazione, anzi più che altro mostrano in modo palese la differenza di valori in campo. Il titolo di Haenimont Games se la cava decisamente meglio negli stage basati su trappole ed enigmi, anche se la sfida si mantiene generalmente bassa. Un tentativo coraggioso, in conclusione, ma che deve fare i conti con alcuni limiti evidenti.
ZTGameDomain (Jun 01, 2011)
The First Templar was originally a budget title. I can see why. The combat is the only real redeeming factor in the game and that’s not saying much. The story is forgettable and, more than likely, you’ll end up zoning out during the cutscenes, just to get to the next action sequence. The online integration is cumbersome and sometimes doesn’t even work. I can say that, with a friend, you can have some fun with the game. Just take everything with a grain of salt and try to be patient with the game. Although I would suggest waiting for a price cut, if you’re dying to get some co-op Templar action on, go right ahead. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.
GameStar (Germany) (May 12, 2011)
Ich bin beim besten Willen niemand, der Spiele allein auf ihre Technik reduziert, aber ein Schwertkampfspiel, welches mir nicht einmal vernünftige Kampfanimationen liefert, ist für mich genauso sinnvoll wie eine Renn-Simulation ohne gescheite Fahrphysik und Schadensmodell. Die vor sich hinplätschernde Handlung, das anspruchslose Kampfsystem und der unausgegorene Koop-Modus tun ihr übriges dazu, The First Templar im Sumpf der Mittelmäßigkeit versinken zu lassen - Schade.
The First Templar is uneven, inconsistent in tone and, to be blunt, wonky in execution. But, it manages to rescue itself to a degree, preventing its 13-15 hour campaign becoming a laborious chore. The bulk of the game is about laying down some brutal Templar justice with a satisfying (albeit derivative) combat system. It's this, along with the rather convoluted roller-coaster of a plot and the constant allure of collectable secrets, that should keep you interested all the way through to its conclusion.
Game Watcher (May 17, 2011)
The whole affair just suffers from a lack of polish all round. The combat's passable but lacks any oomph, the visuals are passable while veering between expansive vistas and low quality textures up close, and the sound is mediocre at best. While it has some nice touches, like the expansive upgrade options and the fact it tells you where the outfit unlocks can be found, it's nothing more than a reasonably solid, entirely unspectacular third-person adventure that'll almost certainly sink without a trace and with barely a whimper.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Jun 24, 2011)
Haemimont zet waardige eerste stappen in het genre, maar weet niet te overtuigen door de oubollige graphics, slordige afwerking en het gebrek aan vernieuwing. Of je zou Assassin's Creed moeten beu zijn ...
55 (May 09, 2012)
Ni un jeu de rôle, ni un jeu d'action, The First Templar peine à trouver une orientation claire. Il en résulte un titre peu profond et guère convaincant qui ne propose que du déjà-vu. Etrangement, celui-ci laissera un arrière-goût pas si désagréable que cela et saura même vous réserver quelques bons moments. Le constat est donc mi-figue, mi-raisin, ce qui n'est clairement pas suffisant pour que le soft puisse être conseillé.
Cheat Happens (Jun 11, 2011)
In some cases, it seems like Kalypso had some great ideas with The First Templar, but stopped caring midway through the development process. There's fun to be had in the almost rhythmic combat, but that's all dashed quickly by odd design choices and a what seems like lazy developing. Don't have anything else to play? The First Templar's budget price may be appealing, but little else is.
GamePro (US) (May 16, 2011)
Haemimont developed the tremendous Tropico 3 , and it's vexing to watch such a talented group of people put forth such a ho-hum offering. But to be fair, a hack-and-slash adventure is well outside the company's wheelhouse; in the past, the studio has stuck mostly with strategy-focused experiences. If nothing else, The First Templar is an interesting look at what happens when an established developer moves beyond its comfort zone. Unsurprisingly, the results are mixed: a few glimmering moments of innovation diluted by hours of decade-old design.
43 (May 25, 2011)
Ein interessanter Gewissenskonflikt: Nehme ich den Schild eines toten Ritters und entehre ihn damit, wie es der Partner meines Ritters vorschlägt? Oder lasse ich ihn liegen, wie es das Gewissen meines Alter Ego verlangt? Egal! Schild geschnappt, weiter gezogen - die potentiell spannende Entwicklung spielt überhaupt keine Rolle. Spätestens an diesem Punkt irgendwann zu Beginn des Abenteuers hatte The First Templar schon seinen erzählerischen Tiefpunkt erreicht. Dabei sind das Schleichen, das Spurenlesen, die Action, die Entwicklung mehrerer Charaktere und das gemeinsame Erleben die Zutaten eines ambitionierten Cocktails. In ihrer Summe wirken sie allerdings wie die Aneinanderreihung halbfertiger Versatzbrocken - spielerisch gehaltlos und müde inszeniert. Die meisten Action-Rollenspiele sind inhaltlich stärker, die steife Inszenierung ist eines modernen Actionspiels kaum würdig. Dieser erste Templer wird hoffentlich der letzte sein.
IGN (May 24, 2011)
The First Templar is not good. Maybe with a bigger team, more time or a bigger budget this could have become something worthwhile, but it feels like an unpolished knock off. The sort of title you’d be disappointed if your parents picked up because it's not only buggy, but reminds you of all the other games that do what it does better.
GameZone (Jun 03, 2011)
This is a game that you’re going to want to like. You’re going to want it to succeed, but it’ll only let you down. The entire time you’ll be thinking about what they could have done differently and better. One method of entertaining yourself through this game is counting how many times Roland pounds his fist into his palm while delivering a line. Ultimately, The First Templar is a disappointment that could have proved a creative co-op adventure.