Five Magical Amulets Credits


Produced and directed byOlga Fábry
Screenplay and dialoguesTomáš Krajča, Olga Fábry
Lead designerOlga Fábry
Assistant designerJan Nedoma
Backgrounds, characters and animationsOlga Fábry
Sea and waterfall animationsRobert Mekis
Game programmingOlga Fábry
Engine programmingJan Nedoma
MinigamesJan Nedoma
'Weather god' scriptJerrot 
Music composed and recorded byJerrot 
Sound EffectsDavid Leung Haslam
'Waking to the Dream' song perfomed byMeirav Vyhnak
Additional sound effectsOlga Fábry
Czech proof‑readingJana Lahovská, Magda Koutková (Yavie)
English translationJan Nedoma, Stepan Vurm
English proof‑readingSteve Brown (stepurhan), Hanako Games
English version testingSteve Brown (stepurhan), Jerrot 
Public relationsTomáš Krajča
Story ideaDaniel Řezníček
Lead testerLudwig 
TestersPavel Černohous, David Fábry, Anna Krajcova, Karolina Krajcova, Tomáš Krajča, Jan Nedoma

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