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Fl4tout: Total Insanity Credits

Kylotonn Racing Games direction

Studio managerRoman Vincent
Executive producerAnne Dévouassoux
Game directorAlain Jarniou
Production coordinatorIsabelle Penven
Financial directorDidier Masseret
Manager assistantAlexandra Dutriaux

Flatout team

ProducerAlexandre Assier


Lead game designerChristophe Thibaut
Vehicle physics designerJérémie Lolieux
Lead level designerBenoit Gomes
Level designerAnthony Bargel
Additional level designersCorentin Delva, Philippe Duhem, Clément Jacquet

Game programming

Lead game programmerHardouin Pouzet
Game ProgrammerMichael Chinchilla, Gaetan Soppe, Kévin Surrault
Additional game programmersSerge Billault, Gilles Boulard, Cédric Guérin, Sébastien Mathieu, Julian Perry, Jérôme Piernot, Lucas Richalland
AI programmerMiguel Rodriguez
FX programmerAlexandre Bordereau

KtHD engine & tools programming

Technical directorBenoît Jacquier
Lead engine programmerJérôme Charles
Engine ProgrammerMischa Alff, Eric Cannet, Benoit Dumesnil
Network programmerGaetan Deturche
Physics programmerDavid Alloza
Lead tool programmerThibault Hennequin
Tool programmerNicolas Seguier


Art directorAmaury Beyris
Environment artistsJérôme Barbaray, Alix Coleno, Jean-Baptiste Drouet, Elodie Jean, Thibaud Juge, Frédéric Goessens, Ifrah Hassani, Roxane Hinh, Cuong Pho, Adrien Wattier
Additional artistsEmilie Anthouard, Benjamin Bertrand, Roméo Boury, David Faugier
Lead vehicle artistChanyl Rughooputh
Vehicle artistNicolas Hiernaux
Additional vehicle artistThéophile Lebeau
Lead user interface artistStéphen Bornet
User interface artistsAnne-Lise Loubière, Lorène Brocourt
Character artistRémi Luizy
AnimationRomain Brunelli
Technical artistValentin Caille
Lead vegetation artistRudy Lamotte

Quality Assurance

Lead quality assuranceSébastien Chipot-Delys

Additional teams

Additional teamsREVES NUMERIQUES, Artefacts Studio, Stormancer
Lead online programmerJean-Michel Deruty
Online programmerAntoine Lafarge
Additional teamBigmoon studios
Environment concept artistPascal Casolari
Vehicle concept artistJohann Blais
Character artistAnthony Lacroix
Vehicle artistAdrien Lacroix
Sound DesignNicolas Signat

Special thanks

Special thanksAll the Kt Racing team for their help and support, our families and friends, Sofffa team, Simon Delporte, Cyril Lefort

Strategy First

DirectorEmanuel Wall
ProducerBob Eaglesham
ConsultantReinhart accounting and finance

Tiny Rebels

ProducerSusan Cummings
Creative directorLee Cummings


Head of group softwareBenoît Clerc
Production managerAntoine Cadoret
Senior game producerJulien Gratz
Game producersClément Taisne, Aude-Alexia Koch, Dante Medina
Software assistantJulie Bielarz
Software marketing managerDavid Talmat
Senior software product managerRégis Fontenay
Software product managerAndres Ramirez, Thomas Carpentier, William Tabary
Marketing artistThomas Lelong
Marketing project managerSébastien Waxin
Senior digital marketing managerRaphaël Labouré
Web designerDelphine Michaux
Community managerMarie-Charlotte Sourbets
Head of group marketing in charge of software PRIsabelle Houzet
PR & communications managerClémence Bigeon

VMC Montreal

Test managerNicholas Burns
Test leadDavid Tan
TestersBen Leveille, Philip Tran, Jimmy Ly, Yacine Meftouh, Barry Burton, Jonas Perez Iniguez, Steve Meldrum, Constantin Vornicescu, Solange LeBreton, Craig Ritchie, Jai Jagat, Sheenyka St-Martin, Han Chin Hu, Marie-Claude Blanchette
Localization managerIsabelle Desharnais
Localization project managerChristina Jürges
Localization test leadJonathan Coté
Localization testersEric Belanger, Marco Raffaele, Navina Ternus, Nelia Herrera Rojas, Gabriela R. Baron, Kseniia Meteleva, Adam Dąbrowski

Tools and licenses

Powered byKtHD, PopcornFX, NVIDIA PhysX, FMOD, AudioMotors by AudioGaming, SpeedTree


Heads Are Gonna RollArtists: Raygun Cowboys / From the album: Heads Are Gonna Roll / Stomp Records
Never Die OldArtists: The Planet Smashers / From the album: Mixed Messages / Stomp Records
See You In HellArtists: The Creepshow / From the album: Life After Death / Stomp Records Incorporated
HellRideArtist: Gutter Demons / Falsetto Music Agency Incorporated
Unfinished BusinessArtist: Gutter Demons / Falsetto Music Agency Incorporated
Pills & BladesArtist: Matchless / Falsetto Music Agency Incorporated
Randomly Generated NumbersArtist: Matchless / Falsetto Music Agency Incorporated
GasolineArtist: Trivoltz / Falsetto Music Agency Incorporated
Mr. PolicemanArtist: Trivoltz / Falsetto Music Agency Incorporated
Long Legged BoogieArtist: Buzz Deluxe / Falsetto Music Agency Incorporated
Runnin' Out Of TimeArtist: Buzz Deluxe / Falsetto Music Agency Incorporated
Your Love Could Start A WarArtist: The Unlikely Candidates / Shok & Awe LLC
I Owe MeArtist: Bad Things / Shok & Awe LLC
UntoldArtist: Them Evils / Shok & Awe LLC
She Got Nothin'Artist: Them Evils / Shok & Awe LLC
Put Your Love On MeArtist: Them Evils / Shok & Awe LLC
No SleepArtist: Twin Atlantic / Red Bull Records Inc
I Am An AnimalArtist: Twin Atlantic / Red Bull Records Inc
The ChaserArtist: Twin Atlantic / Red Bull Records Inc
Cell MateArtist: Twin Atlantic / Red Bull Records Inc
Gold Elephant: Cherry AlligatorArtist: Twin Atlantic / Red Bull Records Inc
AggressiveArtists: Bear Tooth / Read Bull Records Inc
Sherman OaksArtist: Dead Glitter, Nadia G, Ali Robles, Kevin Christianson, Robin Feldman, REX‑L
Princess HollywoodArtist: Dead Glitter, Nadia G, Ali Robles, Kevin Christianson, Robin Feldman, REX‑L
SupergirlArtist: Dead Glitter, Nadia G, Ali Robles, Kevin Christianson, Robin Feldman
You Belong To MeArtist: Dead Glitter, Nadia G, Ali Robles, Kevin Christianson, Robin Feldman, REX‑L
SaltyArtist: Dead Glitter, Nadia G, Ali Robles, Kevin Christianson, Robin Feldman, REX‑L
InvincibleArtists: Twelve Foot Ninja / Red Bull Records Inc
Wild OnesArtists: Five Knives / Red Bull Records Inc
Change Is AbsoluteArtists: Spider Kitten
The Better Part Of ClarityArtists: Spider Kitten
You Can Talk About HeartacheArtists: Spider Kitten
The Rite Of BelongingAlbum: Procession / Band: Mad Parish / Label: independent, Josh McConnell (composer), Bob Eaglesham (composer)
DoppleGangerAlbum: Procession / Band: Mad Parish / Label: independent, Josh McConnell (composer)
Mad ParishAlbum: Procession / Band: Mad Parish / Label: independent, Josh McConnell (composer)
Red Baron Album: Procession / Band: Mad Parish / Label: independent, Darren Navin (composer), Josh McConnell (composer)

Other Games

In addition to this game, the following people are listed as working on other games. No more than 25 people are listed here, even if there are more than 25 people who have also worked on other games.

Susan Cummings, 68 other games
Emanuel Wall, 33 other games
Christophe Thibaut, 21 other games
Benoît Clerc, 20 other games
Craig Ritchie, 19 other games
Lee Cummings, 18 other games
Nicholas Burns, 18 other games
Eric Belanger, 18 other games
Isabelle Houzet, 17 other games
David Talmat, 17 other games
Roman Vincent, 17 other games
Anne Dévouassoux, 16 other games
Antoine Cadoret, 15 other games
Régis Fontenay, 14 other games
Adam Dąbrowski, 14 other games
Pascal Casolari, 14 other games
Isabelle Penven, 13 other games
David Tan, 13 other games
Nicolas Signat, 13 other games
Amaury Beyris, 13 other games
Didier Masseret, 12 other games
Thomas Lelong, 12 other games
Cédric Guérin, 12 other games
Delphine Michaux, 12 other games
David Alloza, 10 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Sébastien Mathieu (52)