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FlatOut 2 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The loading screen is just a hint of what comes inside!
Computer drivers are wrecking each other while I take the lead
Cars are nice and shiny to start
The first thing you'll be able to do is to buy a heap of Junk to race with! Welcome to the Derby Class.
You can get various bonuses
Winning all Derby Class tournaments gives you access to the Race Class, where cars look a bit less scruffy but the engines are wilder.
Upside-down (landed nicely though)
She's in your garage and she's hot! And while you're here you can either go racing, change our car, buy another car from the car dealer, or modify our current car.
The tournament entry screen, where small thumbnails describe the environment of every race (usually 4-5 races make the whole tournament) and there's some info displayed about the coming race.
Time to burn some rubber! Here we're at the starting grid getting ready to smoke the opponents.
One of the two external camera views
Viewing the action from the bonnet camera.
Viewing the action from the driver's view camera.
The HUD gives little info, but with such menacing action you wouldn't have the time to look at anything more than your revs, speed and position.
An opponent lost it completely, and bumped on my car.
Try before you buy. The car dealer gives you the car for a trial ride to see if you can handle the wheels before you actually pay any money for it.
You can try the car on tarmac, on mud, on jumping ramps or on an oval racing circuit to check it's top speed capabilities.
Races take place in a large variety of locations. Here is the American countryside which reminds a lot of the Dukes of Hazzard (especially with this car)
Racing on muddy surfaces is harder to master but a lot more exciting than tarmac racing.
The opponents cars are very powerful and they'll be on your tail most of the time.
If you like American muscle cars from the 70's chances are that you'll love this game.
One of the facts that this game stands out from the rest are the spectacular car crashes.
Circuit Racing: Entering curves on a rear wheel drive car is always a joy in this game.
The opponents most of the time try to pull the dirtiest of tricks to get you out of the course.
Crashing too much affects the looks of your car and it's racing ability ultimately.
Using nitro boost not only gives you tremendous acceleration, it's also useful for staying on course while speeding within curves.
You earn extra money for destroying the surrounding scenery and it replenishes your nitro tank as well.
High jumps also gain you some extra nitro and they are exciting.
Opponents are especially dangerous when bumping each other cause they can push you out of the course without warning.
Racing on the city streets.
The player needs a lot of horse power and skill to be the leader of the pack.
Landing from jumps is quite a hard task, as the slightest unbalancing can send your car off-course as soon as you touch the ground.
Extra races include racing on dirt speedway oval tracks.
Some speedway tracks are very difficult to master, but once you get that hang of it they are sources of gold.
All environments are beautifully done and remarkably textured.
Most tracks have shortcuts which you have to find in order to gain a few seconds from your opponents.
Racing around Canyons.
Apart from normal racing there are stunt tricks to perform.
Gaining speed for flying through rings of fire.
Most stunts are very difficult to perform perfectly.
Racing in destruction derbies is always exciting, just make sure your car is big and strong enough to withstand all this abuse.
Extra money is earned from exciting crashes
The triangles above the opponents' cars represent the condition of their car. If they're red it means they are ready to be dead.