FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage Credits

Bugbear Entertainment Ltd.

Executive ProducerJanne Alanenpää
ProducerJyri Ranki (Jay)
Business Development DirectorJussi Laakkonen
Studio ManagerMika Zeng
Lead DesignersJuho Kontio, Reko Ukko
Additional Game TuningNiko Miettinen, Jani Pääjärvi, Mika Zeng
Technical DirectorTatu Blomberg
ProgrammersVille-Kalle Arponen, Jalmari Härmä, Timo Kämäräinen, Panu Liukkonen, Pasi Matilainen, Pauli Meriläinen, Markku Rankala, Timo Saarinen, Mikko Sivulainen, Fred Sundvik, Henri Tuhkanen
Lead ArtistsNiko Miettinen, Jukka Merikanto, Mikko Kautto, Heikki Vehmas
Graphic ArtistsMikael Achrén, Tero Antinkaapo, Peter Finnberg, Kari Huttunen, Petteri Huttunen, Jarkko Järvinen, Juha Kauppinen, Jani Kontkanen, Pauli Kosonen, Juha Kämäräinen, Ilari Lehtinen, Tomi Linja-aho, Tero Mäkelä, Piia Pakarinen, Teemu Rajala, J. P. Räsänen, Pekka Suutari, Panu Uomala
Character DesignRingtail Studios Ltd., Jan Hagelberg, Mikael Achrén
Additional Art Provided ByRingrail Studios Ltd.
Video Post Production ByGenerator Post Ltd.
Additional Video Post Production ByErkki Halkka, Markus Räty
Video CapturingMarkus Räty
Sound Design & Vehicle SoundsPauli Meriläinen, Greg Hill (Soundwave Cencepts)
Additional Sfx And Tuning ByJarno Sarkula (Stakula Oy)
Senior QA EngineerWayne P. Gardner
QA TraineeKari Perho
ToolsFMOD Ex Sound System, © Firelight Technologies Pty Ltd., 1994‑2007, Lua 5.1 Copyright © 1994-2007, Lua.org PUC‑Rio.

Empire Interactive

Executive ProducerSteve Hickman
ProducerDanny Rawles
Additional Game DesignDanny Rawles
QA ManagerDavid Cleaveley
Senior Lead QAPaul Jackson
QA TeamOliver Pareja, Peter Leung, Simon Collins, Paul Lopez, Kyle Brewer, Nithiyan Thiruudaian, James Davis, Phillip Octave, Gavin Clark, Richard Hughes
Additional TestingAbsolute Quality, Kevin King (Thanks to), Sandra Marcias (Thanks to)
Additional Character DesignBen Willsher, Danny Rawles
VP MarketingJames Spice
Product ManagerSean Walsh
PRNaked Ape
Operations ManagerAnthony J. Bond Jr.
Studio & Localisations ManagerLawrence Wess
ArtworkAndrew Philp, Nicole Smith, Mark Hendricks, Tracy Hare
Empire Interactive USAZach Rener, Karim Farghaly
Special Thanks ToTristram Defries, Roger Cheung, James Nicholas


Music SupervisionAndroo Mitchell, www.soundtraxservices.com
"Listen Close"Written and Performed by The Sleeping, Published by © 2006 Another Victory [ASCAP], Courtesy of Victory Records, www.victoryrecords.com
"True Crime"Written and Performed by The Riverboat Gamblers, Published by Gambler Rich Entertainment [ASCAP], Courtesy of Volcom Entertainment, www.volcoment.com/, www.theriverboatgamblers.com
"Fueled By Adrenaline"M. Kasprzyk (Writer), A. Price (Writer), Performed by Kazzer, Published by Linus Songs and Ashton Price [SOCAN], Courtesy of Linus Entertainment, www.linusentertainment.com
"Boys On The Hill"Written and Performed by Everything At Once, Published by Linus Songs [SOCAN], Courtesy of Linus Entertainment, www.linusentertainment.com
"This Is My Life"Christopher Branca (Writer), Adam Fleming (Writer), Mark Fleming (Writer), Matt Hoppengardner (Writer), Performed by The White Heat, Published by Mixed Metaphor Music [BMI] and Tracks of Choice Music [BMI], Courtesy of Spunos Sounds by arrangement with Position Music/Choicetracks Inc.
"Ditch Kitty"Matt Mercado (Writer), Performed by Supermercado, Published by Soundray [ASCAP], Appears courtesy of Dark Star Records, www.darkstarrecords.com
"They Don't Care"Jason Arnold (Writer), Mark Nubar Donikian (Writer), Jean-Yves Ducornet (Writer), John Scott Mulchaey (Writer), Performed by Hypnogaja, Published by Idiot Speaks, Looking For Mr. Nubar, Where's My Cut Publishing and Wicked Night Music, Courtesy of Union State Records by arrangement with PEN Music Group Inc., www.hypnogaja.com
"You Don't Know Me"Written by Hetherington and Bradley and Mariacci and Cirillo, Performed by Art Of Dying, Self Published [SOCAN], Courtesy of Thorny Bleeder Records, www.artofdyingmusic.com
"Nothing Can Wait"Written by Treacy and Kerrison and Kennedy and Munro and Skedden, Performed by Opshop, Published by Media Creature Music [ASCAP], Courtesy of EMI Music NZ Ltd., By Arrangement with Media Creature Music, www.opshopmusic.com
"Waiting"Written and Performed by 32 Leaves, Published by Orange Sofa Ltd. [ASCAP], From The Album: Welcome To The Fall, Courtesy of Double Blind Music, By arrangement with Ocean Park Music Group, www.doubleblindmusic.com
"Union Of Nothing"Written and Performed by Point Defiance, Published by City of Destiny Music [ASCAP] and Lamar Stilwell [BMI], Courtesy of FFWD Entertainment, www.pointdefiance.com
"The Last Revolution"Graham Young (Writer), Simon Whenlock (Writer), Jonathan Hill (Writer), Performed by No Connection, Graham Young (Publisher), Simon Whenlock (Publisher), Jonathan Hill (Writer), Courtesy of No Connection Music, www.no‑connection.com
"Feed The Machine"Graham Young (Writer), Simon Whenlock (Writer), Jonathan Hill (Writer), Performed by No Connection, Graham Young (Publisher), Simon Whenlock (Publisher), Jonathan Hill (Publisher), Courtesy of No Connection Music, www.no‑connection.com
"Blisters and Coffee"Matthew MacDonald (Writer), Justin Duque (Writer), Performed by The Classic Crime, From the Album: Albatross, Published by Kohaw Music Inc. [ASCAP] o/b/o itself and Scotsman and Justus c/o The Bicycle Music Company, Courtesy of Courtesy of Tooth & Nail Records, Under License from EMI Film & Television Music, www.theclassiccrime.com/
Narcotic"Jesse Sprinkle (Writer), Zach Miles (Writer), Dusty Redmon (Writer), John Brehm (Writer), Brandon Rike (Writer), Performed by Dead Poetic, From the Album: Vices, Copyright © 2006 Spinning Audio Vortex Inc. [BMI], Thirsty Moon River Publishing [ASCAP], Blue Bar Industries [BMI], Brehm Publishing [ASCAP], Lazy Yellow Moon Publishing [ASCAP], Skulls Without Jaws Publishing [ASCAP], Grievous Angel Publishing [ASCAP], (adm. by EMI CMG Publishing) All rights reserved., Courtesy of Tooth & Nail Records, Under License from EMI Film & Television Music, Courtesy of www.deadpoetic.com
"Wanna Know You"Chris Greenwood (Writer), Adam David Messinger (Writer), Performed by Manafest, From the Album , Published by Chris Greenwood [SOCAN] and Adam Messinger [SOCAN], Courtesy of BEC Recordings, Under License from EMI Film & Television Music, www.manafest.ca
"Hang 'Em High"Joe Brown (Writer), Daniel Arnold (Writer), Performed by A Static Lullaby, Published by Sony / ATV Music, Publishing / Daniel Jospeh Arnold [ASCAP], Courtesy of Fearless Records LLC, www.FearlessRecords.com
"Believe It"Clayton Charles McCarter (Writer), Keith Gibbs (Writer), Rick Ferrante (Writer), Performed by Sasquatch, Published by Small Stone Records [ASCAP], Courtesy of Rumblefish Inc., www.rumblefish.com
"Cover Girl Monument"Jason Bowld (Writer), Mark Clayden (Writer), Matt Davies (Writer), Performed by This Is Menace, Published by Jason Bowld [PRS] and Mark Clayden [PRS] and Matt Davies [PRS], Courtesy of PSI Records, www.thisismenace.com
"I'm Alright"Nathan Barlowe (Writer), Cary Barlowe (Writer), Dave Bassett (Writer), Performed by Luna Halo, © 2007 Published by Damdoe Music [BMI], Still Working For The Man Music Inc. [BMI], (admin. by ICG), Music of Windswept [ASCAP] on behalf of itself and Two of Everything Music [ASCAP], Emack Music/Lowe Bar Music [ASCAP], All rights on bahalf of Emack Music and Lowe Bar Music, Administered by EMI CMG Publishing., Courtesy of American Recordings, www.lunahalo.com

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Juha Kämäräinen, 10 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Picard (40783)