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FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
The race is about to begin...
At the start of the race, you will be able to see the 'presentation' of that particular track.
Here we go!
Pause menu
First time I play the game... so... :)
One of the many loading screens
Party Mode Screen
Event Screen
One of the few available cars at the start of the game. I personally like this one...
Car Shop
There are many game-modes in the Flatout "master mode", however particular cars are necessary for each of the available modes.
:) What can I say... Don't try this at home :D
This is one of the first tracks you race in the game
Notice the awesome effects!
I failed again :(
I can't call this a failure... since you get nitro points for every cool crash...
Whah... soon my engine will burn!
Dust and sunlight... Oh... and unreal physics...
Front view
Still no cockpit view but still good enough to admire the cool graphics.
The main screen of the Flatout Mode - where everything happens.
The flight before the hard landing in the bowling pins.
Only have three and a half seconds to reach the checkpoint.
Trashing everything that stands in my way.
Watching the replay of my glorious victory.
I'm literally on top of things with the worst car in the game.
Bonus cars like the school bus can be unlocked with carnage mode
The derby cars are in a better condition than they were ion Flatout 2; this car was missing its front panel and had rusty metal welded onto the front and exhaust pipes coming out the sides
The street class cars are very shiny
Ready to race.
First person view.
Late to school?
Nice landscape.
Derby madness.