FlatOut Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Loading screen
Title screen
Pepper is the cheapest car in the game... you can see why!
This is the Bronze league of races. Earn places 1-3 to advance.
Gold league has more races than bronze and silver league.
A scene from a post-race replay. The track IS a construction site.
3rd place earns you less, but unlocks the next race nonetheless.
The bonus games. It's an odd kind of stunt Olympics.
Instructions for the Long Jump event.
This jump is obviously off-target
This is a valid jump, but it could be better...
There's no place like first place!
Wanton destruction is rewarded with extra nitro in-game and with cash after the race...
A track in the woods. Trees hurt. You.
Roads are usually too narrow
Let's hope these barrels are empty
Collision was so drastic that player (with rag doll physics) ejected through the front window
Inhale my dust!
Collision with tires makes them bounce
Damage is great (body parts deform and fall off). Eventually car starts burning
Destruction derby on bowl
Nose camera
This is called Long Jump
Water effects
This looks bad.
Bad luck for the driver...
Jumping around with the car. Notice the burning engine.
Race results. Only 2nd place for me though :(
Tune your car.
Out of Track? Really? No kidding...
OUCH!! That's gonna hurt a little bit.
Hit different parts of the clown to gain money. Parts that are harder to reach provide more.
You can use shortcuts sometimes to gain the upper hand.
There are some semi-urban racing tracks too.
Last destruction derby which gets unlocked provides a great opportunity to grind money.
Poor driver acts as a bowling ball.