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1999 Eidos game catalogue - Windows (Germany):

    PREMIER COLLECTION Die prämierten Genre-Hits von EIDOS Interactive zum attraktiven Preis.

    Genießen Sie das unvergleichliche Fluggefühl über fotorealistischen Landschaften

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Press Release:


    Cambridge, MA, December 23, 1996 -- Looking Glass Technologies set a new standard in computer aerobatic flight simulation with the critically-acclaimed, best selling Flight Unlimited. Now they are redefining the civilian aviation flight simulator genre with Flight Unlimited II (working title), scheduled for release in mid-1997.

    Putting users in one of six distinct civilian aircraft, Flight Unlimited II will take PC pilots over 8,500 square miles of breath-taking, photo-realistic terrain featuring the San Francisco Bay area - complete with all of the actual landmarks, buildings, rivers and roadways, all rendered in superb 3D! This title will be heralded as having the most realistic and accurate flight modeling in the industry.

    It will also feature over 45 different airports to explore, including San Francisco International Airport. Flight Unlimited II enables the pilots to plan their own flights using the gameUs advanced flight planning tools, or go on more than 25 adventures that will provide flying challenges including: emergency procedures, dangerous weather, and life or death situations. Flight Unlimited's flight modeling and photo-realistic graphics set a new benchmark that all other flight simulators are now judged by, what Flight Unlimited did for aerobatic flight sims, our new title will do for civilian flight sims.

    The release of Flight Unlimited II on CD-ROM for Windows 95 continues Looking Glass' commitment to developing leading-edge technology for all platforms.

    # # #

    Looking Glass Technologies, Inc. is a leading developer of entertainment and simulation software distinguished by its expertise in 3D technologies. Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, the talented team at Looking Glass has created some of the best-known, best-selling titles in the interactive entertainment industry, including the Ultima Underworld series, System Shock, Flight Unlimited and Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri.

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Inside cover of box:



    Welcome to Flight Unlimited II

    Enjoy your flight.

    It's 6:45 a.m. A mist rises from the sun-streaked tarmac. You hop into the cockpit of the legendary Beaver Seaplane. Ready to battle your worst enemy. Fear. In minutes you're streaking across the skies over San Francisco Bay. Your heart beats like a drum as you swoop under the Golden Gate bridge and around the TransAtlantic tower, barely clearly its peak. Without warning, you're surrounded by dangerous thunderclouds and getting pelted by torrential rains. Air Traffic Control alerts you that bad weather has forced all local airports to close. Your only hope: an emergency landing on an aircraft carrier in the Bay. With the storm passing, you climb back into your Beaver and take off into the cool evening sky. The San Francisco skyline glitters gloriously in the twilight. Half Moon Bay airport, your final destination, is visible in the distance. You radio ATC and are cleared to land. But if you think you've finally conquered the skies, remember: Unlimited challenges lay ahead.

    Lesser pilots would stay grounded at night. Flight II lets you experience the hair-raising excitement of night flight.

    Follow instructions from Air Traffic Control and take quick, evasive action to avoid fiery mid-air collisions with dozens of commercial airliners filling the sky.

    Fly the classic Beechcraft Baron into the beautiful San Francisco sunset or choose from any of the other 4 exciting civilian aircraft.

    No other flight sim gives you all these exciting features:

    * For the first time ever, navigate using visual flight rules (VFR) or Instrument Flight Rules (IFR)

    * Take part in 25 adventures including aircraft carrier and water landings

    * Choose from five unique aircraft to pilot: Beechcraft Baron, Piper Arrow, de Havilland Beaver, North American P-51D Mustang, and Trainer

    * Communicate in real-time with fully interactive Air Traffic Control, including ground, tower and approach controllers

    * Fly your plane through hazardous weather conditions that would test even the most experienced pilots

    * Share the congested skies with hundreds of commercial airliners ... civilian aircraft ... even jet fighters protecting military airspace

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Back cover of box:
    Real Terrain. Real Aircraft. Real Thrills.

    Immerse yourself in a virtual aviation world where real-life detail and experiences are unmatched by any other flight sim.

    Fly through a sky filled with 400 different commercial, civilian, and military aircraft. Real-time communication with Air Traffic Control gets you through the jams.

    Experience flying under hazardous weather conditions, including lightning, crosswinds, rain and more.

    Introducing Flight Unlimited II, The Most Realistic Simulation Ever Created For The PC!

    Flight Unlimited II puts you in a virtual aviation world unmatched by any other flight sim. Take off from 48 different airports. Soar over 11,000 square miles of breathtaking San Francisco Bay Area terrain. Your skill and nerve will be put to the test as you come face to face with variable weather conditions, a sky crowded with air traffic and unique spine-tingling adventures that make Flight Unlimited II the most realistic flight simulation ever!

    No Other Flight Sim Delivers More Precise Detail.

    * Photo-realistic landscapes are accurately rendered to the most precise detail, producing the most stunning high resolution scenery ever seen in a flight simulator.

    * See and feel a new level of 3D realism, with every building over 10 stories and every landmark modeled using the revolutionary ZOAR rendering engine for visually accurate detail.

    * For the first time ever, communicate with ground, tower and approach controllers, as well as with other air traffic, via the breakthrough ATaCs real time AI-driven Air Traffic Control system.

    * Choose from five of the most popular aircraft: the speedy Piper Arrow, the de Havilland Beaver Seaplane, the legendary P-51D Mustang, the Beechcraft Baron, and the Trainer.

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Magazine advertisement:
    Actual screen shot from Microsoft Flight Simulator 6.0

    Actual screen shot from Flight Unlimited II

    The best just got better. Introducing Flight Unlimited II from Looking Glass. The most realistic flight experience ever in a PC simulation.

    Fly through a sky filled with commercial, civilian and military aircraft. Real-time communication between you and Air Traffic Control gets you through the jam.

    Experience 25 heart-pounding adventures, including dodging two F-16s with the license to kill when you violate restricted airspace.

    At the controls of the DeHavilland Beaver seaplane, you can try something totally new in a flight sim -- land on water.

    Throw everything you know about flight sims right out the window. Because Flight Unlimited II takes the realism and thrill of simulated flying to a higher plane. Over 11,000 square miles of incredible Bay Area terrain accurately modeled for the most precise detail ever in a flight sim. The most advanced weather effects -- rain, lightning, cross wind and more. Visual and instrument navigation. Six of the coolest civilian aircraft, including the legendary P-51D Mustang. Whether you're a high-flyin' veteran or just getting off the ground, check out the sim that sets the standard once again. Flight Unlimited II from Looking Glass... coming this summer.

    "The Real Deal" --C/Net's GameCenter

    "The richest, most detailed environment yet seen in a PC flight sim." --Computer Gaming World


    Now You're _Really_ Flying

    [Advertisement featured in PC Gamer Magazine (U.S. edition), Vol. 4 No. 7, July 1997, p.247]

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Media quotes printed on the box covers:
    "The Real Deal" --C/Net's GameCenter

    "Microsoft should have cause for concern... Flight Unlimited II's stunningly rendered world is only exceeded by its smooth interface" --"E3's Best of the Best", Computer & Net Player

    "Flight Unlimited II sets new standards, upping the graphics ante and creating the richest, most detailed environment yet seen in a PC flight sim." --Computer Gaming World

    "The most complete simulation of the general aviation experience that has ever existed for the PC." --Computer Pilot Magazine

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