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64 (Sep 07, 2015)
Нашумела The Flock очень сильно, но от авторов толком нечего не было сказано. Причём игра является очень дорогой и очень короткой. Буквально через пару часиков игры The Flock становится смертельно скучной. Конечно, нельзя сказать, что игра является совсем никакой, но как-то слишком сильно влюбиться в этот жанр невозможно. Дизайн локаций, графика, звук, геймплей – всё это немного трухляво смотрится на фоне шума, который создала игра.
60 (Sep 30, 2015)
Attualmente The Flock è tutto il suo contatore. L'unico vero motivo per comprarlo è la curiosità di sapere cosa accadrà al suo scadere, consci che promesse simili di solito si traducono in grosse delusioni. Ecco, magari il gameplay ripetitivo vi spingerà a vivere le morti come un frammento della liberazione bramata, o meglio potreste iniziare a morire a raffica tanto per farlo scendere più velocemente. Per il resto, se prendiamo in considerazione il gioco in sé, è facile affermare che sul mercato ci sia di molto meglio. Qualche spunto interessante lo propone, ma è davvero troppo esile per appassionare. Non di meno ci intriga l'idea di un gioco con una conclusione definitiva: facile che diventi una specie di leggenda dell'industria... che non sia proprio questo l'obiettivo del team di sviluppo?
Destructoid (Sep 02, 2015)
With over 200,000,000 lives for people to lose, it's going to be approximately forever before we see whatever happens at the end. The Flock is a promising idea dressed in the blandest of clothes. It's damning that I was convinced I was doing an Early Access impressions piece until I looked and realized the game had been released two weeks ago. This lack of content and polish is acceptable when there's an implicit promise of more to come, but aside from a nebulous end segment that may take literal years to reach, this is all The Flock is and will ever be.
Riot Pixels (Aug 31, 2015)
Десять лет назад я принял бы The Flock за средненький мод для Unreal Tournament 2004 — пусть неказистый и сырой, зато оригинальный. Но сейчас 2015-й — разве игры не должны были вырасти? Хотя они и выросли — в цене.
The Jimquisition (Aug 27, 2015)
I’d love to see everything The Flock tried to do in a better game, but I fear the failure of this one will only dissuade others from attempting it.
The one or two tense moments that The Flock provides might be mildly thrilling, but the overall package is about as weak as it gets. Even if the “temporary availability” idea is set aside, which had the potential to be cool, the core game itself feels like a glorified demo, let alone a $16.99 release. With three maps and one bland game mode, The Flock doesn’t just have a lack of meat on the bone, it might not even have the bone itself. Combine all of this with the idea that, as of this writing and barring any changes, the touted climactic finale is basically mathematically impossible to reach before servers shut off or players wind up passing away, and The Flock feels like a game that literally doesn’t deliver what it’s advertising. While Vogelsap likely anticipated more interest in their project, something will have to change before this mess of a multiplayer game goes from bad to an outright lie.