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Forbes Corporate Warrior Credits

51 people (49 developers, 2 thanks)


Produced byJohn Mayo-Smith
Directed byJohn Mayo-Smith
Executive ProducerByron Preiss
Programming Intermedia Interactive Software Inc.
Business Model Strategic Management Group Inc.
Art Director of Offices & InstrumentationErik Borzi
Art Director of 3D Environments Alex Hillman
Additional DesignAri Forman
Additional ArtworkLinda Shishido
Music and Sound Chris Burke
Associate ProducerAugust Yang
Assistant ProducerDiane Lichtman
Licensor Relationship Manager Michael Sagalyn
Technical Testing Manager Alan Wong
Test LeadsAugust Yang, Marcos Mendell, Vatchpol Srinuan
Testers Andrew Fong, Richard Kriheli, Adam Sobel, Julian Maile, Douglas Nelson
Written by Jim Gialamas, Tracey Weaver, Guildsford
Level ConsultantMark Berman
Game InputMarcos Mendell, Jennifer Allen, Shannon Hummel
SecuritySimon Compton
VideoNational Video Industries Inc.
Dr. Carolyn HartNorma Lana
Video Phone Production Elisa Blatteis
Production AssistantRachel Stires
Janis Flowchart Midori Nakamura (video & audio)
Bill BatesDez
Benedito HalePietro Gonzalez (video), Scott Thompson (audio)
Vincent BarbadosRichard Yanko (video), Andrew Sgroi (audio)
Brenda BraintrustAngie Kristic (video), Amanda Goodman (audio)
Computer VoiceKristine Watt
Special ThanksJohn Vincent Antinori, Nick Katsivelos


PresidentByron Preiss
Chief Financial OfficerJames R. Dellomo
Technical DirectorJohn Mayo-Smith
Marketing DirectorJackie Snyder
Creative DirectorSeth Savarick
Contracts & Licensing Director David Lane
Brooklyn MultimediaJeremy Ross


Vice PresidentGilles Dana, Jeffrey Siegel
General ManagerGilles Dana
Creative DirectorJeffrey Siegel


SOS Sound System copyright © 1996 by Human Machine Interfaces Inc.
Acrobat® Reader copyright © 1987-1997 Adobe Systems Incorporated.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Depeche Mike (17558)