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Force 21 Credits

131 people (61 developers, 70 thanks)


ProducerJohn T. F
Game DesignBrian Upton, John T. F
Level DesignJeff Friedlander, Kevin Perry, Juan Benito, John T. F, David Weinstein, Michael Cosner, Lee Harker, John Michel, Eric Terry
Lead EngineerJim Van Verth
EngineersVictor Breuggemann, Robert Hunt, Sam Kalat, David Weinstein
Lead ArtistMichael Cosner
ArtistsLee Harker, John Michel, Eric Terry
Quality AssuranceJeff Friedlander
Quality Control LeadDerek L. Earwood
Additional EngineersErik Erikson, David Hamm, Peter McMurry, Marcus Nordenstam, Jon Owen, Curtis Smith, Jason Snyder, Mike Underhill
Additional ArtistSteven Reid

Red Storm Senior Management

ChairmanTom Clancy
CEO & PresidentDouglas G. Littlejohns
Executive VP, Sales & MarketingRichard P. Wnuk
CFOCaroline Campbell
VP ProductionMichael Lomas
Director, Product DesignBrian Upton
Director, Creative DesignSteven Reid
Director, EngineeringJason Snyder
Director, MarketingCarson Brice
Director, European SalesRob Gross
Marketing ManagerWendy Beasley
System AdministratorPaul D'Agostino
Internet Manager and Additional DesignMur Lafferty
Product ManagerCharles Grover Holtzclaw
Marketing and PR AssistantApril M. Jones
Quality Control ManagerStuart White
Technical Support SupervisorStuart White
Technical Support RepresentativesRobbie Edwards, Deke Waters, T. J. Stankus
TestersBrian Gelb, Daniel Brandl, Jamie Cardwell, Mike Nittoli, Beau Norris, Patrick Wilson, Shane Wilkins
Lab CoordinatorScott Reid

External Development

This game is dedicated toAll the men and women who serve or have served in the United States Armed Forces.
AdvisorFrederick M. Franks Jr. (General - US Army - Ret.)
Audio ProductionSound Werx Entertainment Group
Music Composed, Performed and Produced byDavid Frederick
Sound EngineersMark Showers, Grey Moore, David Frederick
Voice Actors - AmericanRobert Wailes (LTC John Talbot), Jeff Johnston (Major Curtis Jakes), Matt Murphy (Major Daniel Connor), Mark Showers (In-Game Dialog)
Voice Actors - ChineseSean P. O'Connell (as Colonel Jiang Shoukun / In-Game Dialog), Ken Tso (Major Zhou Yuwei), Ping Wang (Major Rao Tsusung)
Ending Narration Voice ActorJohn T. F
Manual TextMarc Dultz
Manual DesignNevermore Studios

Special Thanks

United States ArmyNational Training Center - NTC - Fort Irwin California, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment - ACR, Delta Co. 1/11th ACR and Hotel Troop 2nd/11th ACR, Operations Group - National Training Center, Charlie Detachment - 203rd Military Intelligence Battalion - Technical Intelligence
United States Marine CorpsCamp Lejeune and New River Marine Corps Air Station - North Carolina, Delta Co. 2nd Tank Battalion - 2d Marine Division - USMC
ThanksNIMA - This product was developed using material from the National Imagery and Mapping Agency, Jane's Information Group, Peter Baxter (Jane's Information Group)
Sound Werx would like to thank the following for their help and commitment to excellenceUnited States Marine Corps, USMCB Camp Lejeune, USMCAS New River, Delta Company Tanks 2nd Marine Division, Lt. Woods - USMC, Rober Woods (Lt. USMC PAO Camp LeJune), Lt. Upton & Sgt. Heltsley - USMC PAO New River Marine Corps. Air Station, Sonic Foundry, Digidesign, Cakewalk, Audio Technica, Mackie Mixers, Event, Emagic, Apple Jamie Frederick
Dave WeinsteinKathy Weinstein, The Eyrie Regulars, Michele Gordon, Elizabeth Weinstein, Alaska and Cyrano
John T. FarnsworthMy beautiful wife Stacey and our wonderful kids Zac and Emily
Jeff FriedlanderMy wife Cheryl for her incredible tolerance, Todd McFarlane, Verant - EQ, David Hasselhoff (MarkSI), Coca-Cola Corporation for the finest soft drink on the planet
Mike CosnerMy Family - Mom/Dad/and Daniel, Terminal Side F/X Studios, Graeme Davis, Erik Daniele, Jon Combs, Steven Reid, Christopher Kemple, Richard Benson, Frank Darabont, Slowdive, Enigma, Deep Forest, In memory of my dog Lucky - I'll forever miss you
Sam KalatJames Kalat, David Kalat, Robin Kalat, Sheila Denn, Murphy Lucy, Zaphod
Lee HarkerDijana - my very patient wife
John MichelSpecial thanks to God
Brian UptonElizabeth and Sam
Jim Van VerthMur Lafferty, and the usual gang of idiots at Linda's
Victor BrueggemannThanks to all my family and friends who have remained such, despite my personal exodus to North Carolina and the resulting lack of communication, Marc Mencher (for coercing me toward success - may we both have many years on that road), John Blaha (1SG - for trying to set me straight all those years ago - though only time could do what he could not), Gina Walden (for giving me so much to dream about), Irene Wilcox (for it is in memory of her that I keep going)
Eric TerryRobert Hunt, Special thanks to Jennifer and her family, and my mom and dad

Other Games

In addition to this game, the following people are listed as working on other games. No more than 25 people are listed here, even if there are more than 25 people who have also worked on other games.

Richard P. Wnuk, 47 other games
Stuart White, 38 other games
Brian Upton, 37 other games
Wendy Beasley, 37 other games
Rob Gross, 32 other games
Steven Reid, 30 other games
April M. Jones, 28 other games
Jason Snyder, 27 other games
Charles Grover Holtzclaw, 27 other games
Deke Waters, 26 other games
Michael Cosner, 25 other games
Beau Norris, 23 other games
Kevin Perry, 21 other games
Robbie Edwards, 18 other games
Tom Clancy, 18 other games
Mur Lafferty, 18 other games
Todd McFarlane, 18 other games
Scott Reid, 17 other games
Paul D'Agostino, 17 other games
John T. F, 17 other games
Michael Lomas, 17 other games
John Michel, 17 other games
Eric Terry, 16 other games
Carson Brice, 13 other games
Jeff Friedlander, 13 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by MAT (221039), Freeman (63165) and Corn Popper (69066)