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The Forest Credits (Windows)

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The Forest Credits

A game by Endnight

Game DiretorBen Falcone
AnimationMichael Mellor, Nathan Stone, Stuart Campbell, Wesley Chandler
A.I.Michael Mellor
Level DesignAnna Terekhova
ProgrammingGuillaume Kehren
Music byGabe Castro
Concept ArtIgor Burlakov, Marina Ortega Lorente
Creature DesignsLindsey Wakefield
Additional Level DesignGavin Bartlett
UI DesignKristian Akerstrom, James McWilliams
Voice ActingDoron Bell, Heather Doerksen, Matt Cowlrick, Michael Richard Dobson, Ashleigh Ball
Recorded atKoko Productions
3D ArtLukas Patrus
Additional 3D ArtMichael Palm, Viktor Grystenko, Hugues Muller, Alec Moody, James Brady, John Barnard
Creature ModelingFabiano Lima
AnimationChristopher Lalli
Additional ProgrammingFredrik Holmstrom, Rod Green
Graphics ProgrammingDominik Kyeck
Audio DirectionMichael Theiler
Sound DesignMichael Theiler, Trevor Dikes, Peret Von Sturmer
Audio ProgrammingBen Batt, Trevor Dikes
TestingEvan Haley, Caelan McHaffie, Petr Novak
TranslationsLocalize Direct, Kate Lee, Shiho Watanabe, Tatiana Terekhova, Wei Ting Sun, Megumi Higashi
Special ThanksAugusta Butlin, Matt Kessler, In-Ah Mellor, AurĂ©lie Brun, Theresa Falcone, Jamie Chen, Justin Hawkins, Megan Galbraith, Brian Ritz, Susan Stewart, Charles Lai, Ken McEwan, Rebecca J. Robb, Valve
Extra Special ThanksEveryone who participated in the early access release
CopyrightEndnight Games Ltd 2016

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (548104)