Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Our heroes posing
Our story begins with Rannek the fighter walking through the woods...
Killing orcs in the middle of a battlefield
A war not being enough, every now and then you get a dragon that swoops down to fire things up a bit
You meet Zhai (the requisite assassin chick) as she escapes from a prisoner wagon
Our wizard buddy prefers more of a staged entrance through a portal.
Big bad demon number 1 rides on top of the dragon that seems to be blowing up everything
Demon baddie number 2 is a Githyanki general carrying a mean sword
Super moves for each character allow you to quickly clear the screen of enemies
Pushing your enemies into chasms or traps is greatly encouraged as a quick way of disposing of some otherwise annoying monsters
Using ranged spells with our wizard
You can take control of a guardian construct via magic for added ass-kicking power
Zhai's acrobatics often end with gory results
In the right hiding areas Zhai can become invisible...
Facing a Yuan-Ti Priest
Meeting with the legend himself at Mythral Hall
Trolls are fearsome enemies which can only be harmed with fire
The only thing better than fighting alongside the legendary Drizzt... fighting as him!
Drizzt delivers a wicked coupe-de-grace
Ok, now he's pissed.
The fabled demon stone
This is why it's called Dungeons & Dragons after all...
Zhai can earn a jumping ability crucial to skip certain obstacles...
...and explore the levels to get journals, conceptual art and other bonuses...
Between levels you can buy skill upgrades with exp. points or magic items with your money
Blackstaff (voiced by Patrick Stewart) addresses our heroes
You can re-play any chapter from the world map in order to earn more experience and money
Battling for survival atop a raft
A few strange plants can heal your party once shattered
Blackstaff's tower, one of the many magical locations you'll be visiting
Lining up for a stealth kill against the bugbear chieftain
Drizzt dispenses his wisdom
Ganging up on the Troll King
In the heat of melee combat
The Dragon's hoard!