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Forsaken Credits

51 people (46 developers, 5 thanks)


Original ConceptAndrew G. Williams
Lead DesignNick Baynes
Level / Scenario DesignAdam Bouskill, Alec Prenter, Kevin Row, Errol Gale, Ned Langman, Paul Sinton, Chris Baker, Nick McGee, Ian Hudson, Neil Gartell, Tom Geddes, Andrew G. Williams, Andy Cowe, Craig Kerrison, Anthony Rosbottom, Ian Yarwood-Lovett
3D ModellingChris Baker, Tom Geddes, Ian Hudson, Paul Sinton
Creative DirectorAndy Squirrell
Lead ArtistNed Langman
Lead Programming (PC)David Collins
Lead Programming (PSX)Greg Michael
Additional ProgrammingTony Monckton
ProgrammingDan Phillips, Oliver Castle, Phil Yard
Software RendererChris Walsh
Development DirectorTony Beckwith
Project ManagerJames Stewart
ArtworkAnthony Rosbottom, Daniel Burke
Concept ArtworkJeremy Elford, Alex Lawrence
MusicStephen Root, Dominic Glynn
SFX and FMV AudioStephen Root, Andrew Brock, Simon Robertson
Voice TalentBrenda O' Farrell, Kate O'Rourke
Voice ProcessingAndrew Brock
World ToolPaul Sinnett, Bob Armour, Harvey Gilpin, Tony Monckton, John Croudy
ToolsOliver Castle, Tony Monckton, David Collins
QA ManagerClifford Ramsey
QA DepartmentRichard Foster, Mitchell Slater, Scott Priestly, Geoffrey Cullen, Andrew Aish
Special ThanksGreg Michael, Tony Monckton, Mark Fisher, James Hawkins, Emma Denson

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Credits for this game were contributed by Paul Sinnett (506) and Andy Squirrell (15)