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Girl Gamers UK (Mar 25, 2010)
Fortix is a joy to play through. Each level is relatively short, thanks to the time limit, so the chance to just pick it up and knock out a couple of levels is there. Playing the levels is quite frantic, especially when the time starts running out and the temptation to take risks appears. The game also has a nice addictive feeling to it, with the temptation for just one more try. My only fault with the game is the length. It does not take long to work through the 22 levels on offer. Even though there are four difficulty levels to conquer, and the temptation to try and better your score lengthens the game, I would really like to see some more levels released, just to add some more variety.
Brash Games (Nov 30, 2010)
Retro gamers will probably be justified in their inevitable disparagement of this almost-remake, and fully fledged gamers will quite understandably go unchallenged in their derogation of the easy and repetitive gameplay that’s lacking in replayability, and I accept these points – in fact, I stress them; but I also maintain there is a certain charm to Fortis that raises it slightly above the level of equivalent flash-based remakes which might well give reason to pay the lowly price of £2.39. However, aside from purchasing this for my hypothetical iPhone (for cheaper than the PC version – $0.99), as a PC gamer Fortis offers very little that I couldn’t find in any of the hundreds of flash game websites out there, and is certainly dwarfed by the rest of my PC collection.