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Back of Box - DOS & Win3.x (US):

    How the West
    Was Fun!

    Return with us now to those
    thrilling days of yesteryear...
    When men were men, women were
    women, and sheep were scared!

    Al Lowe, author of Leisure Suit Larry, abuses the Old West in computerdom's first Comedy Western: Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist.

    And you get to live that legend... the tall-but-twisted tale of a man raised as a gunslinger, who game it all up for his first love: pharmacology!

    The year is 1888; the setting, post-Gold Rush California. As Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist, you uncover a treacherous plot to turn your once-thriving metropolis into a ghost town. With pestles and pistols, you defend your bucolic burg from one catastrophe after another: arson, stampedes, hired guns, riverboat gamblers...even terminal flatulence!

    Al Lowe has, immortalized...every Hollywood Western cliche' and character, adding his own perverse twists to produce his funniest game yet! You'll meet the pretty-but-shy Schoolmarm, the Madame with a Heart-of-Gold, the faithful Indian sidekick (Srini Lalkaka Bagdnish), and a cast of the most memorable characters ever to grace your monitor's silver screen.

    So come on, buck-a-roos! Strap on your spurs, saddle up your Palomino, and:
    • Point-and-click your wait through sagebrush, livestock, cacti, buzzards & swinging saloon doors...just like at the movin' pitcher show!

    • Drink your own mistakes from an authentic, working, late 19th-century laboratory!

    • Unlock your hidden potential with your very own copy of The Hidden Medical Advisor (1881 Edition)!

    • Learn (and quickly forget) the real words to The Ballad of Freddy Pharkas!

    Contributed by Jeanne (76449) on Apr 30, 2007.

Unknown Source:
    Yee-Haw.... You are Freddy Pharkus, a Gunman turned pharmicist who is about to find a reason to pick up a gun again. Fill prescriptions and interact with zany characters as you solve some the the wackiest root tootin puzzles ever seen.

    Contributed by ROFLBLAH (366) on Jun 25, 2000.