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Freedom Fighters Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title from intro
You play as a plumber wound up in a huge Russian invasion
Movies in between missions feature Russian propaganda broadcasts
Freedom fighters features beautiful locations such as this police station
An alternate viewing mode allows for accurate targeting
You complete missions by raising the American flag
Your men follow your orders while intelligently seeking cover and providing backup.
The missions feature many obstacles and ambushes which need some tactical overview to get past
Sentries and explosives can be taken over and used in your advantage
As you progress in the game, the streets turn into a huge battlefield
One of the graphically most impressive missions allows you to fight on the remains of the fallen Liberty Statue
Your base of operations is the sewers of NYC
From the sewers access the map to enter locations.
A beautiful night skyline
Playing hide-and-seek with the helicopter
Sniper - like shooting fish in a barrel
Posing for a picture
Completing an objective
Hey lets go see a movie
Fire bombing enemy troops as they get out of their APC
Violent videogames are the problem
Hmmm... I just don't understand this plan. Perhaps if you would bend over some more...
The revolution WILL be televised!
The main menu