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Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich Credits

140 people (118 developers, 22 thanks)

Freedom Force Was Created At Irrational Games By:

ProgrammerMarc Atkin, David Beswick, Henry Kaufman, Mathi Nagarajan
ArtistMichael Blake, Chris Chaproniere, Brendan George, Ben Hutchings, Daniel Keating, John Travers
Lead ArtistLorne Brooks
Sound EngineerEric Brosius
ProducerJonathan Chey
Co-Lead DesignerDorian Hart, Alexx Kay
QA ManagerRussell Jacobson
TesterBrendon Kirk
Art DirectorBenjamin Lee
WriterKen Levine
Lead ProgrammerAllan Richards
Assistant ProducerPhil Sullivan
Concept ArtistRobb Waters

And By:

ProgrammerBryn Bennett, Paul Dennison, Ryan Lancaster, Rowan Wyborn
ArtistAlex Boylan, James Sharpe, Scott Sinclair
Operations ManagerStephen Chey
PR ManagerWilliam Gardner
Office ManagerMahala Harris
DesignerMichael Johnston, Jay Kyburz, Andrew Orman, Edward Orman, Jonathan Pelling, Dean Tate
Physical Production ManagerKate Kellogg
ManualMeredith Levine
WebsiteDave O'Toole

With Help From:

ArtEye Candy Animation, Christian Martinez
Public RelationsKohnke Communications

Voices By:

Voices ByCharis Leos (Alchemiss), Terri Brosius (Blackbird), George Ledoux (Blackjack), George Ledoux (Bullet), Mikhail Islam (El Diablo), Kate Lohman (Eve), Stacy Fischer (Green Genie), Stephen Russell (Iron Ox), Lily Allen (Law), Robin Russell (Liberty Lad), Ian Vogel (Manbot), Stephen Russell (Manowar), Robb Waters (Mentor), George Ledoux (Microwave), George Ledoux (Minuteman), Christopher King (Order), Keith Smith (Quetzalcoatl), Emily Abercrombie (Seaurchin), Brad Shepard (Sky King), Mark Stevick (Supercollider), Geoffrey Laff (The Ant), Alexx Kay (The Bard), Robb Waters (Tombstone), Eve Passeltiner (TriColour), Stephen Russell (Blitzkrieg), Stephen Russell (Charles Wilson), Dorian Hart (Deja Vu), Charis Leos (Entropy), George Ledoux (Fortissimo), Alexx Kay (Mr Mechanical), Nathan Wells (Nuclear Winter), Nathan Wells (Nuclear Winter Giant), Stephen Russell (Pan), Stephen Russell (Pinstripe), Olga Bell (Red Oktober), Joseph Zamparelli (Red Sun), Lily Allen (Shadow), Stephen Russell (Timemaster), Eric Brosius (Alien Warrior), Kate Lohman (Green Bacchite), Terri Brosius (Red Bacchite), Lily Allen (Silver Bacchite), Joseph Zamparelli (Centurion), Mark Stevick (Blue Darkman), Christopher King (Purple Darkman), Geoffrey Laff (Dark Shaman), Mark Stevick (Duplicate Cop), Kate Lohman (Duplicate Female), Ian Vogel (Duplicate Male), Eric Brosius (Eye of the Reich), Kate Lohman (Ice Queen), Christopher King (Ice Trooper), Dorian Hart (Kill-A-Rilla), Stephen Russell (Legionnaire), George Ledoux (Mafioso), Eric Brosius (Mechman), Eric Brosius (Flame Mechman), Brad Shepard (Nazi General), Christopher King (Nazi Grenadier), George Ledoux (Nazi Gunner), Joseph Zamparelli (Nazi Rifleman), Dorian Hart (Praetor), Eric Brosius (Snowman), Eric Brosius (Subterrestrial), Nathan Wells (Thug 1), Shawn Robertson (Thug 2), Eric Brosius (Wraiths), Olga Bell (Civilian Female 1), Stacy Fischer (Civilian Female 2), Ian Vogel (Civilian Male 1), Christopher Kline (Civilian Male 2), John Abercrombie (Civilian Male 3), Jed Wahl (Cuban Civilian), Brad Shepard (Cuban Spy), Kate Lohman (German Female), Mark Stevick (German Male), Mark Stevick (Policeman), Nathan Wells (US Soldier), Ian Vogel (Narrator), George Ledoux (Bill), Eric Brosius (Cameraman), Lily Allen (Charmaine), Joseph Zamparelli (Don Storm), Christopher King (Energy X), John Abercrombie (Executioner), Terri Brosius (Goddess), Joseph Zamparelli (Grandfather), Geoffrey Laff (Herr Stauffman), Stacy Fischer (Jenny), Olga Bell (Johnny Azotl), Mark Stevick (Lord Dominion), Christopher King (Energy X), Brad Shepard (Mr Al-Haiani), Joseph Zamparelli (Mustaffa), John Abercrombie (Executioner), Stephen Russell (Pierre), Brad Shepard (Mr Al-Haiani), Joseph Zamparelli (Robber), Alexx Kay (Tom)

Vivendi Universal Games:

Senior QA ManagerJames Galloway
Senior QA Manager Of RequirementsChristopher D. Wilson
QA Manager and Tester ResourcesMichael Gonzales
QA Supervisors Christopher Richardson, James Pasque
QA Manager Michael Caradonna
QA Project Leads Michael Fahrny, Martin Valdez
QA Testers Pierre Johnson, Carl Keitz, Michael A. Robles, Laszlo Szoke, James Pratt-Young, Jaimah Gillies, Christopher Musella, Chris Coulter, Vincent Griffin
CRG Manager Bob Eatmon
CRG Testers Matthew Jensen, Jesse Vigil, Jonathan Backer, Robert Fleischacker
VU Product Certification Brandon Valdez, Cyra Talton, Glenn Dphrepaulezz, Richard Benavides
Configuration Manager Jamie Rios
Configuration EngineersJason Perry, Afolabi Akibola

Thanks To:

ThanksAll the other Irrational Staff, the Irrational partners and spouses, the Fans of Freedom at, Freedom Reborn and all the other fan sites, the helpful people at NDl, Brian Benincasa, Brett Schnepf, Frederick U. Fierst, David P. Grenewetzki, Peter Phillips, Michael Linhares, Alex Benavides, Dr Mike, Eric Dieter, Adam Kahn, Philip O'Neil, Patrick Dillon, Guy Welch, Stephen Wickes, Phil Dalton, Tom Chick, everyone who helped focus test the game

Digital Jesters

Sales DirectorTerry Malham
Marketing DirectorLeo Zullo
Creative DirectorEdward Willey
PR DirectorNeena Patel
International Sales DirectorGraham Chambers
U.K. Sales DirectorMatthew Edwards
Development ManagerSpencer Low
Product ManagerJohn Merchant
Technical / QA ManagerJason Harman
Community ManagerKevin Leathers
PR ManagerRob Donald
PR ExecutivesMikey Foley, Paul Loughrey
AccountsNicola Brown

dtp entertainment AG

Product ManagerEgbert Latza
Marketing & PRCarsten Fichtelmann, Christopher Kellner, Marina Selikowitsch
PackagingHolger Timmermann
ManualHolger Timmermann
TestingOle Christian Böttcher, Egbert Latza
TranslationStudio Ulrich Mühl

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Credits for this game were contributed by Terrence Bosky (5463), Sciere (620242), Wizo (29545) and formercontrib (158852)