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Freedom Force Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Character viewer
Episode 1 cinematics
They have set us up the bomb :x
Hmmm what do they do there?
Oops... caught :(
... they look quite unfriendly ...
... they are :(
In a few seconds, he'll be... MINUTEMAN!
Loading screen
Game start
We can use tables as a weapon
With full force in the face
We can plow him down with this street light
This gate is closed
well I correct myself: WAS closed hehe
Ha, a gang of thugs!
We'll show them how a traffic light is used properly :)
He wants to confess! Well, I would do that too if I was hit with a traffic light :D
In the attack menu, we can choose our attack method
Hey baby, it's my job to save the proud citizen of this proud American town from nasty low-lifes, so don't thank me.
Mailman? No... MINUTEMAN :)
You can zoom far away if you want to
Minute Man can jump on buildings, too
Supervillains like Shadow are much tougher than the regular goons you usually face, especially with their many henchmen, but with all four of your heroes ganging up on them they usually aren't all tha
Freedom Force faces a tough double boss battle against super-powered gangster Pinstripe and futuristic terminator robot Microwave. Pinstripe's immunity to physical attacks makes him an especially chal
Deja Vu has the ability to clone himself multiple times, plus an annoying radiation pistol. Fortunately, the Patriot City cops provide some amount of assistance in your first battle against him.
The only thing worse than a humongous hero-eatting tyrannosaurus is TWO humongous, hero-eatting tyrannosauruses.
Freedom Force faces off against Lord Dominion's elite guard. After all the build-up the game's given him, Lord Dominion turns out to be disappointly something of a wuss.
Timemaster is basically Galactus in a funky pharoah outfit (complete with booming British accent). He's big, super powerful, and can regenerate at will when defeated, but there's still a way to beat h
Supervillains like Nuclear Winter have superpowers similar to your own, making them challenging opponents
Nuclear Winter's bolshevik Ice Troopers are equipped with nasty freezing rays, making them tougher opponents than the average thugs.
Dozens of hungry, hungry raptors descend upon Patriot City for no apparent reason, and it's up to you to hunt them down and stop them from eatting the populace.
If raptors aren't 60's enough for you, there's always the levels where you fight an invasion of giant ants.
Alright, whose the wiseguy who ordered the humongous city-stomping giant robot?
Freedom Force battles the obnoxiously bohemian Greek god Pan. Here, an explosive blast from El Diablo sends everybody flying into the air.
Between each comic-book 'Issue' is an intermission cutscene that furthers the plot. Here, Timemaster materializes inside Freedom Fortress and challenges the entire Freedom Force to battle.
Timemaster is tough and has powerful energy attacks by himself, but to top it off he also is assisted by several powerful Temporal Twins of himself.
The Danger Room option allows you to play any level as any character. Here, it's a Godzilla-esque clash of the titans as Timemaster does battle with Mr. Mechanical's giant robot.
Freedom Force allows you to import custom made skins and meshes. Here, I'm taking Voltron, Robby the Robot, Desann from Jedi Outcast, and a Boomstick-wielding Ash out for a night on the town.