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Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle Credits

Blue Wizard Digital

DirectorJason Kapalka
WriterJason Kapalka, Nate Schmold
ProducerNate Schmold
Music & Sound DesignerNate Schmold
ArtistNate Schmold, Jessi Ross
Puzzle & Set DesignerJessi Ross
AnimatorJessi Ross
ProgrammerMatthew Sieber, Matthew Miller
UI DesignerWarren Heise
2D ArtistWarren Heise
QAJessica Hayden
Community ManagerJessica Hayden

Additional Support

Character DesignerDan Lam
3D ArtistDan Lam
Environment ArtistAustin Harry, Tristan Dahl
Weapon & Trap ModellerAustin Harry
AnimatorShane Welbourn
Puzzle DesignerTristan Dahl
LocalizationKeywords International

Special Thanks

Special ThanksIdo Yehieli, Tristan Dahl, Nygil Goggins, Laura Kloppenberg, The Seattle Blue Wizards

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