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Frontlines: Fuel of War Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
The Frontline (intro)
The oil doesn't flow anymore.
Loading Screen
Title (intro)
Wayne Andrews - the narrator of the story.
Taking out a few members of the Red Star Alliance.
Choosing my weapon.
Reload and an enemy right in front of the nose...damn!
Not a pretty sight.
Gaining control over a control point.
The map shows the current flow of the frontline.
Engaging the enemy with an exploding drone.
The unmaned tank is raging havok.
The signal is still strong enough to control my vehicle.
Destroying some things with a mounted MG.
My squad mates waiting for the enemy.
Drivin' in a Hummvy.
The now dry oil pipelines.
Booooom...and there goes that APC.
Red smoke marks control points.
Planting a bomb to free Andrews.
The Western Coalition has launched a major offensive.
Running up the hill to the village.
Choose your fight.