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FTL: Faster Than Light Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The tutorial is quick and explains how to command the crew and distribute power between different ship systems.
The tutorial also covers the ways ship systems are upgraded and how various weapons and equipment can be arranged.
Beginning the game with the default Kestrel Cruiser. A ship without any special traits but no real weaknesses.
Though most encounters are hostile, sometimes the player is offered a choice.
Engaged in combat with an automated Rebel Scout. It usually tries to flee and report your location to your pursuers.
With shields, weapons and life support systems disabled, this Slug ship doesn't stand a chance.
This ship has made it's last voyage. Unfortunately, many unlucky crews will meet this fate.
Some locations are very dangerous. Here, solar flares are causing fires to start all over the ship. The AI running the airless enemy ship doesn't really care.
One clever way to deal with fires is to open up the airlocks and suck the air out of the affected rooms.
Various encounters offer the player to weigh potential risks with possible rewards. Asteroid showers can cause a lot of damage if they penetrate the shields.
Meeting a trader is always a welcome event, as it offers a chance to purchase better equipment and repair damage.
Weapons, remote drones, special equipment and ship systems, supplies, fuel and even crew can be offered by a trader.
It's important to explore as much of the sector as possible before the Rebels catch up.
Fighting through a Rebel siege to exit the sector can be a daunting task.
Multiple paths between sectors are available. The more dangerous sectors are also more rewarding.
Game over. The player is presented with various statistics, records and achievements unlocked.
The game keeps a highscore table and offers plenty of special achievements to unlock. Some of them are quite challenging, while others are more humorous.
Slaughter the slavers!
Hard choice...
Hangar - the journey begins...
'Warning! Engines critical' - I have small problem.