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atari saboteur

Full Spectrum Warrior Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
The story of the game (intro).
Those guys from air force are watching over you (intro).
One of the many protagonists of the game (intro).
Our convoy got hit by some RPG-fire.
Alpha squad has to meet up with Fire Team Bravo.
Lt. Philips gives us our first objective.
We've to carry that wounded soldier to safety. Moving from cover to cover is very important.
Three members of a Fire Team cover the one that helps the wounded soldier.
Our GPS maps shows things like sighted enemies or mission objectives.
A enemy hides behind pick-up truck.
I give the order to fire on that enemy.
Alpha team made a bounding move where one half of the team moves to the next cover while the other half gives cover fire.
Meanwhile Bravo team came in from the back and took out the enemy.
Smoke grenades are important in order to get safely over a street.
Grenade out!
Another enemy hiding behind a dumpster while the Fire Teams get into position.
Mission failed. A squad member died.