Full Throttle Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

LucasArts logo (note that Windows version uses 16-bit color mode)
Main Title
Ben is having some good time inspite of his financial situation
Polecats, your biker gang
Hey, this ain't my bed! Alright, who's the guy that tossed me in there?
Ingame menu system works with a familiar F5 click
Hey, where's my gang, they were here just a moment ago... huh, how long was I in that dumpster?
Ben is genuinely a nice guy, but even he can get upset
Using keys on your bike will make it start, twist in the elbow will add some gas, and you're on the road in no time
The road is no safe place, you may have to reason some bikers along your way... with fists and such
Wha... if I live through this, I'll have to have a serious talk with my mechanic
Ben is ever so subtle when talking to women
Maureen will repair Ben's bike, if only you find all the required items for it first
Don't think Ben can command this situation with one-wheeled bike of his
Talking to the reporter girl that saved your life
Map of a small town... and Ben in search for some items to fix his bike
The interaction is done with more than just a single mouse click
Good thing Ben has developed a sense of humor over his long biker years
Picking a lock in order to reach the fuel tower and steal some gas for his bike
Mission impossible, but Ben can find a way in, alright
Whatever could've scared Ben so much... and now, it's running time
Ben trying to figure a way how to get rid of a bloodthirsty dog in his way
Ben, catching up with his gang
Hm, this fertilizer can come in handy
Ben will have to fight multiple gangs in order to get what he wants
Each opponent may leave you another useful weapon
Ben with a cavefish goggles so he can see through walls... looking kind of post-apocalyptic, doesn't he?
Practicing for destruction derby... or just releasing his inner child a little
Using toy bunnies to clear a patch across the minefield
Whoa, looks like the plane is a bit harder to control than a Harley
This truck driver has no idea what's in store for him.
Good eye for details.
Prepping to jump over the canyon... or die trying.
Dashing at full throttle toward the broken bridge.
This is one way to interrogate someone.
This must be understood from the context.
Destruction derby.
The intro starts with a drive through the canyon
Your gang is leaving thinking you went up ahead
Ben feels unstoppable
Guess Ben's not unstoppable after all
Going down in flames
Waking up to an alien face
Found the forks
Caught on the approach
Trying to prove your innocence
What a predicament
Paying respects to Malcolm Corley