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Fun School 7: For ages 8-11 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game's main menu screen. All screens have a help button which brings up captions like these
The Space Shuffle game. The player has to work out the missing number in the sequence and then click on the creature carrying that number
The Space Shuffle help screen explains all the controls
The 'Get Lost' game is a maze game. The player must explore the maze to find the missing bricks. These must then be arranged correctly to build a bridge
A 'Get Lost' game in progress. Here a cupboard has been found in the maze
There are two forms of the 'Write On' game. In this one the player must select words from the various categories and place them into the grid to make a story which the hairy bird reads
In the second form of the 'Write On' game the hairy bird reads a story then words are removed. The player must complete the story using words of their choice
A 'Write On' game in progress. Pictures appear when key words are read out
The Head Hunt help screen. This is a one or two player game
This is a 'Head Hunter' game in progress. The little furry creature in the background gets squashed if all matches are not found in time.
This is the 'Trog Eat Trog' game. The help screen explains how it all works
Trog Eat Trog: The word has been guessed correctly, now my trog gets to eat up everything left on screen
The two player version of Trog Eat Trog allows players to enter their own words
High score tables are maintained for Trog Eat Trog