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Future Cop: L.A.P.D. Credits


Architect And Lead EngineerLaurent Benes
EngineersChristopher Conway, Todd Growney, John Hamilton
Development DirectorNancy Philippine
Creative DirectorBob Rossman
Technical Art DirectorErik S. Holden
Concept ArtElliot Fan
Art LeadsVince Arroyo, Valerie Couderc, Waddy Dacay, Jay Allan Friedmann, Leonid Korostyshevskiy, Juan Ruiz
Technical Art LeadTim-John deVroede
ArtJohn Sicat, Tania Soderman
Level Design LeadChris Crowell
Level DesignNils Holden, Andy Kieran, Vivek Melwani, Paul Niehaus
Multiplayer Design LeadSteven Nix
Project ManagerEmily Bromley
Project Grumble MeisterLaurent Benes
Composer And Audio DirectorDavid O'Neal
Additional EngineeringCédric Bermond, Ryan Burnsides
Manager, International DevelopmentAtsuko Matsumoto
Motion Capture SpecialistMatthew Wynne
Art InternJohn Aquirre
PyromaniacsTodd Growney, Chris Crowell, Vivek Melwani


Executive In Charge Of ProductionScott Higgins
ProducerR. J. Berg
Test SupervisorRosalie Vivanco
LeadBarry Feather
Assistant LeadGary Ward
TestersMichael Deir, Steven Goodale, Etienne Grunenwald-Rohr, Winnie Horn, Jay Miller
Quality AssuranceGabriel Gils Carbó, Benjamin Crick, Jamil Dawsari, Daniel Hiatt, Bobby Joe, Anatol Somerville


U.S. Product ManagerAlbert Penello
U.K. Product ManagerAudrey Meehan
Public RelationsJerris Mungai
DocumentationAnthony Lynch
Package DesignHamagami, Carroll Associates


Video And SfxEA Media Lab
Sound Design EditorsKen Felton, Charles Stockley
Audio Technical DirectorRob Hubbard
Video VentriloquistEric Kornblum
Avid EditorMichael Marsh
Video ManagerJerry Newton
CinematicsWestern Images
Executive ProducerMatthew Fassberg
AnimationJance Allen, Richard McBride, Zane Rutledge
Recording And SfxMusic Annex
EngineersWill Harvey, Mary Ellen Perry
Protools™ SpecialistSteve Limonoff
Sound Design EditorPatrick Fitzgerald
FX SpecialistJonah Shinbach
Motion CapturehOuse of mOves
Talent ServicesCrocodile Productions
Voice TalentShannon Finn, Roger Labon Jackson (as Roger Labon Jackson), Jarion Monroe
Stunt TalentRocky Capella
Walker WranglerErik S. Holden
Sky Captain TrainerChristopher Conway


Special ThanksJames Abney, Jesse Abney, Murray Allen, Tim Carroll, Peter Chang, Mark Gavini, Tony Lam, Craig Suko, Ray Swartz, Jeane Wong, 3Rash

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Credits for this game were contributed by tarmo888 (5382)