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Future Cop: L.A.P.D. Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Intro - looks like alarming crime rates won't be the only problem for L.A. in the year 2098.
Intro - Game title
Main menu
The TAC X-1 Alpha comes equipped with a nifty targeting laser
Dead men
Griffith Park Observatory is well-protected by shields
Your unit can transform from Walker to Hovercar mode and vice versa
You are dead
Future Cop vs. tank platoon
Fighting a big brain-tank-boss thing
Drop down the hole in the grating and destroy these tanks...
... to find a hidden weapon: the Grenade Launcher
Attacking a male Rapunzel's tower
Crowd control situation: try not to shoot any unarmed civilians
"Eeeww, what are those things!", says your off-screen mission commander
The rudimentary in-game map
Transform into vehicle mode and floor it...
... to make the big jump at the end
The Grenade Launcher will come in handy in this level full of tight corners and turrets
Cutscene - "Future Cop leaves footprint on Walk of Fame"
The crew of this ship is in need of your assistance
Another hidden weapon: the K-9 Drone
Animated mission briefing
Use your weapons to, uh, stop the inmates from escaping
Testing my Gatling Laser on a giant spider
A tough mutant bodyguard
Joining forces with fellow LAPD cops
Using the runway catapult at LAX Spaceport
Pesky conveyor-platform-jumping puzzles
I'm targeted by satellites equipped with a powerful laser weapon
Sightseeing Future Cop