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G-Police Credits


Original ConceptNeil Duffield
ScriptNeil Duffield, Angus Fieldhouse, Simon Gardner, Steve Hill, Ross Thody
Lead ProgrammingNeil Duffield
ProgrammingAndrew Crowley, Mario D'Onofrio, Tony Marshall, Andrew McCabe, Dominic Robinson, Kim Watson, Gavin Whitlock
Lead ArtistTrevor Slater
3D ArtistsClaire Cooper, Steve Hill, Theo Pantazi, John Reitze, Iain Thody
Front End DesignIain Thody
Lead FMV ArtistAngus Fieldhouse
FMV ArtistsEuan Leckie, Trevor Slater
Character Design and ModellingAngus Fieldhouse
MusicStuart Duffield (Pug)
SoundStuart Duffield (Pug)
Level DesignRoss Thody
Game Play CoordinatorsJim McPhail, Edward Persey, Ross Thody, Stuart Wheeler
Produced byGraham Davis, Ross Thody
Alpha Production AssistancePeter Woods
Voice CastingPhilip Morris
Voice Over ArtistsNicole Arumagum, Bill Dufris, Bradley Lavelle, Laurel Lefkow, Mac Macdonald, Colin McFarlane, Gary Parker, Harriet Wootliff
Manual EditorDamon Fairclough
Manual and Packaging DesignRichard Turner
Head of QAKevin Turner
Product ManagersDavid Dyett, Simon Shilleto
Program ManagerGraeme Williams
Art ManagerCarlos Ulloa
Head ProducerGraham Davis
Studio ManagerSimon Gardner
Technical SupportDave Collins, Jeff Young
Lead TestersDean Ashley, Wayne Smith
Guideline TesterMark Halsall
Junior TestersMichael Aspinall, Barclay Christmas, Phillip Freeman, Graham Sergeant, Sean Stephen
Special Thanks ToKevin R. Ayre, Oxford Metrics, Nick Bolton, Michael Cox, Rik Ede, Jonathan Fargher, Jacqueline Govier, Julian Morris, The Blue team for being fragged frequently and gibbed gracelessly, Andy Yelland, Everyone else at the Stroud office and Psygnosis world wide
Creative and MarketingKaren Amor, Louise Bailey, Mark Blewitt, Dawn Hickman, Glen O'Connell, Graham Oakes, Kyra Rixon, Liz Sumner, Louise Thomas, Mike White, Vanessa Wood

German Version

German TranslationGabi Lehmann (GLT)
Recording StudioStudio Besser, Herold&Besser GmbH
CastingHeike Wielk, Michael Buss
Voice DirectionMax Wanko
Recording EngineersMax Wanko, Silvie Müller
Audio EditingJürgen Kaiser, Mike Wayszak, Silvie Müller, Wolfgang Herold
Quality ControlJürgen Kaiser
under the supervision ofMichael Buss
Special Thanks ToHartmut Lehmann, Max Wankenstein (Dr.), Roger Schoenberg

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