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Can you say 'cat mustache'? Unicorn Lynx (181679) 4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars
Gabriel Knight returns in his last adventure for now Katakis | カタキス (40955) unrated
Millennium Mystery MAT (199539) 4.33 Stars4.33 Stars4.33 Stars4.33 Stars4.33 Stars
A flawed classic jTrippy (63) 3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars
Another kickass GK game which unfortunately tones down the terror in favor of the "edutaiment" value....blah! Zovni (10640) 4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars
Not The Game, but still a pretty good one J32ME_4ever (10) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
"I didn't sleep for four days playing this game....." Andy Roark (274) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.9
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.9
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.7
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed
(required for every game entry that isn't a compilation)
Overall User Score (130 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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The third installment in Jane Jensen's brilliant supernatural sleuth games Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned is the deepest and most mature of the series to date. A beautifully arching story line, which is obviously the result of painstaking research, twists and turns through a backdrop of gentle French country life. The result is a game that is as haunting as it is difficult and will compel gamers through its refreshingly long story. A wonderful soundtrack, full of moody music and excellent voice work, together with the best graphics engine ever found in an adventure game, round out this intriguing title.
incite PC Gaming (Jan, 2000)
Gabriel Knight III should be sipped like a fine cabernet. Take your time with it, as it has enough gameplay to rank it among the top adventure games ever.
Aventura y Cía (Aug 14, 2001)
Sensación de realidad será lo que experimentemos. Fijaos en los personajes y con la naturalidad que están allí: Emilio Baza ausente leyendo un periódico, Stelle Stiles transportando el baúl cuando cambian de habitación, el Reverendo Arnaud mirando por los prismáticos o Mosely examinando los cadáveres. Resumiendo, una aventura que nadie debería perdersela. Recomendado a aquellos que con pesimismo piensan que a partir de ahora las 3d matarán por completo al género de la aventura.
100 (Jan, 2000)
Un gioco estremamente valido per la storia, le implicazioni psicologiche e, perché no? spirituali per le quali porta a riflettere e suscita la curiosità di saperne di più su certi argomenti. Un gioco da non perdere assolutamente.
Just Adventure (Sep 24, 2002)
Many have said that there is a lot riding on the success or failure of this third Gabriel Knight game. I'm not sure how it's selling. And perhaps Sierra won't make any more pure adventure games on this scale again. What's remarkable is that they had the nerve and vision to produce THIS one. Bucking the current trend of action games and hybrids, they have pulled out all the stops to create an extreme piece of intelligent pure-adventure gaming. Jane Jensen and her team have built the most complete, the most ambitious, the most compelling, the most intelligent, and yes, call me rash, but I'm going to throw caution to the winds and say it, the finest game the genre has yet produced.
GK3 is a long, difficult, immersive game with a strong, adult-oriented plot. Even with liberal use of hints, it still took me at least 40 hours to play the game, and I certainly felt like I got my money's worth. I would recommend it heartily and readily to anyone who really wants to sink his or her teeth into a game and be carried away by a computer into another world. This is one series that does not get old—I feel as if I really know the characters, and they have detailed, fully fleshed-out personalities, including human fallibilities and foibles. I find myself already hoping for another installment in the GK series.
Fans have dubbed game designer Jane Jensen to be the last hope to save the troubled adventure genre. Her awarding-winning Gabriel Knight series has lured in numerous adventure fans, both new and old. Despite her infallible track record, many gamers feel unease when it is found that the next sequel in the series, Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned, has abandoned the traditional 2D interface in favor of a brand new 3D engine. As more information about the new game interface leaks to the press, a surge of renewed excitement is seen within the adventure game community. Indeed, I am most pleased to say that this excitement is well justified. Not only Jensen succeeds in topping her previous work in the series, Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned has set a new standard and direction in adventure gaming that may become the savior of an endangering genre.
Adventure Lantern (Aug, 2006)
Overall, Gabriel Knight 3 is an excellent game. From a story that easily betters on the previous two games (which were themselves very good indeed in terms of narrative) to beautiful artwork and stirring music, the creativity and intelligence behind this game shows. The 3D graphics are very good, albeit perhaps held back a little by the technology of the time, and suit the game very well. There are a few puzzles that might call for slight leaps of logic, but for the most part these are the exceptions rather than the rule, I feel, and the puzzles are overall very good. The game has a good duration that fits the story well, feeling neither rushed nor padded, and is one that I would certainly recommend, especially to those with interests in the supernatural, secret societies, or mystery. Additionally, the introduction is told via a graphic novel which, while not perfect to my eye, is nevertheless a very good and fitting introduction to the story.
95 (Dec 15, 2003)
Si vous ne connaissez pas Gabriel Knight, c'est un garçon qui nous vient des USA, mais avec des origines allemandes. C'est un Schattenjäger (chasseur d'ombres), ce qui lui donne des pouvoirs surnaturels. Il a déjà 2 aventures derrière lui.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Nov 29, 1999)
Hoewel het uiterlijk vertoon sterk veranderd is, is de essentie dit niet. Deze nieuwe episode is een Gabriel Knight in hart en nieren. Namelijk de sublieme combinatie van fictie en non-fictie tot een origineel verhaal dat zich afspeelt op bestaande locaties, en waar het bovennatuurlijke om de hoek loert. Hmm... verdacht. En waar blijft de achterzijde van die medaille dan? Nope sorry, ik zie die niet omdat die er gewoon niet is. Tenzij misschien de stevige systeemeisen, maar voor de rest moet ik u een uitgebreide opsomming van minpunten schuldig blijven. Dit is een adventure van da bovenste plank. Kopen en uitspelen. Dat is mijn devies.
Game Over Online (Dec 30, 1999)
In conclusion this is one of the best games I have played in quiet a while. The ending is simply spectacular and is worth working hard to get to. When it comes to storylines, I have to take off my hat and congratulate Jane Jenson to be the Agatha Christy of Mystery Adventure games. I hope there would be a fourth Gabriel Knight in the near future (rumor has it Gabriel will be taking a trip to Scotland to investigate something to do with ghosts).
Overall, Gabriel Knight 3 is, like its predecessors, a standout job. Despite the slipup at the end with real-time antics, and overemphasis on history, this is still a solid adventure with some good puzzles and a well-handled mature storyline. Gabe fans will certainly not want to miss it, and those looking for something beyond the usual shallow offerings should give this one a look.
Game Revolution (Jan 01, 2000)
Gabriel Knight 3 has been called many things by the gaming community: Some call it "The Most Anticipated Adventure Game Yet." Others call it "The game that will save the adventure genre." Yet others call it "Bob". But whatever they say, I call it a very satisfying gaming experience.
Spel för Alla (Jan, 2000)
Gabrel Knight 3 är ett av de bästa äventyrsspel jag sett på mycket länge. Utmärkt historia, bra dialoger, härlig stämning och ett smart gränssnitt. Synd bara att en del av problemen är löjligt omständliga och ologiska.
Game.EXE (Jan, 2000)
GK3 не станет, да и по определению не мог стать спасителем жанра. Причём подвели вовсе не технологии, как ожидалось, а именно нежно лелеемая история. А что до загадок - жизненные и надуманные, одни чуть получше, другие чуть похуже, хоть и относительно логичные. Грузовые лифты - пять баллов, чёрточка усов в паспорте - четыре, нажатая вешалкой кнопка на будильнике - три. И так далее...Загадки тут особо ни при чём. Мимо камеры и ушей, если постараться, можно пропустить кучу второстепенных вещей. Приговор: нелинейность условно. Вот было бы смешно, если бы квест, названный новым воплощением The Last Express, был линеен, как Discworld Noir. "Габриэль" не мог спасти жанр. Он замкнут на своих проблемах, он рассказывает складную историю, которую довольно интересно слушать, но которую забываешь через пять минут после её окончания. Он не символ. Беда в том, что других кандидатов на эту роль не было...
Absolute Games ( (Dec 03, 1999)
Его вы, вероятно, уже видели где-то слева от этого текста. Любителям квестов "Наш выбор" следует читать как "must see". А драматизировать ситуацию по поводу GK я бы не стал.
90 (Dec 08, 1999)
Heureusement, on retrouve un des plus grands attraits de la série des Gabriel Knight, l'ambiance. Dans la version anglaise que nous avons testée, Gabriel avait l'honneur et l'avantage d'avoir pour doubleur Tim Curry et l'accent traînant du sud mélangé au ton inimitable de l'acteur était pour beaucoup dans l'ambiance générale. L'humour noir de Gabriel est présent tout au long de l'aventure et ce mélange sucré-salé est des plus sympathiques. Espérons seulement que la version française ne vienne pas tout gâcher, je croise les doigts :)
Quandary (Dec 16, 1999)
Gabriel Knight 3 is a fascinating and enjoyable mystery with a style of play that is reminiscent of much older games such as The Colonel's Bequest or Cruise for a Corpse. It is also a good long game with a plot and puzzles that, for the most part, are quite absorbing, but be warned, this is also a dark tale containing ritual sacrifices of the throat-slashing variety. Despite my criticisms and my earlier technical problems I really had a lot of fun playing it and, as with the second game, I thought Grace's tasks were by far the most interesting. Now, if only Jane Jensen would consider making a series based around Grace ....
Electric Playground (Apr 24, 2004)
Despite a few flaws, this is probably the best adventure game on the market today: a brilliantly plotted story with good characters, tough puzzles, and a 3D interface.
Hacker (Dec, 1999)
Presuda za kraj vrlo je pozitivna, Gabriel Knigt 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned igra je koja će preuzeti kraljevsku poziciju kao trenutačno najbolji naslov u svome žanru. Svi uvjeti su ispunjeni: nudi odličnu i inrigantnu priču, audio i vizualno vrlo privlačan engine te gomilu zanimljivih zagonetaka. Uostalom, što biste više mogli poželjeti od jedne avanture.
To sum all this up the game is fun, takes some time to beat, and is a nice addition to a successful title. Aside from personal problems with the game, I can’t see why anyone would not recommend this as a good game to go out and pick up. If you are interesting in solving a mystery and running down dangerous corridors then this is the game for you. If you’re not a big Gabe Knight fan but are looking for something fun to try, have a seat in front of your computer and put the do not disturb sign on your door for the next few hours as you delve into the supernatural world of a Schattenjager on a mission.
Power Unlimited (Dec, 1999)
Ook nieuwkomers in het genre raad ik aan om deze game te bekijken, want iedereen die ook maar een greintje gevoel heeft voor avontuur en mysterie zal voor de bijl gaan. Als ze van Gabriel Knight 3 een avonturenfilm hadden gemaakt, werd het vast en zeker een kaskraker. Ik zie dan ook geen enkele reden waarom dat voor dit spel niet zou gelden.
Svenska PC Gamer (Jan, 2000)
3D-motorn är ett härke, men vem bryr sig? Grafiken är klumpig - och vad då då? Ljudet och musiken är medelmåttig, men vad gör det egentligen? Därför att intrigen och historien, dialogen, manuset och handlingen är uppe och lirar i toppdivisionen, den engagerar och lockar till att spela vidare, och låter dig snabbt glömma att spelet rent designmässigt är rättså taffligt gjort.
Power Play (Dec, 1999)
Über die Bewertung dieses Spiels habe ich lange nachgegrübelt. bin aber schließlich zu der Überzeugung gelangt, daß ein Award nicht gerechtfertigt wäre. Dafür fehlt dem Spiel über weite Strecken eben doch jener letzte Kick, dieses eine Tröpfchen Adrenalin, das aus einem guten Spiel ein überragendes macht. Aber für eines lege ich meine Hand ins Feuer: Wer GK3 durchspielt, wird es ganz bestimmt nicht bereuen. Am letzten Tag nämlich spitzen sich die Dinge auf eine Weise zu, die kaum das Abschalten des Rechners zuläßt!
IGN (Dec 03, 1999)
Gabriel Knight III proves that adventure games still have some life left in them.
PC Joker (Dec, 1999)
Insgesamt unblutiger, aber keinesfalls weniger spannend als in den hauseigenen „Phantasmagoria“-Abenteuern entwickelt Gabriel Knight 3 seine fesselnde Geschichte mit zahlreichen Wendungen und Überraschungen. Der gelungene Soundtrack und die exzellente englische Sprachausgabe (Tim Curry als Gabriel Knight!) tun ein Übriges, um das Game zu einem lang anhaltenden Genuss für die Freunde klassischen Adventuredesigns zu machen.
Nerikes Allehanda (Mar 10, 2000)
Gabriel Knight känns som en gammal hederlig engelsk landsortsdeckare. Jag tror att Agatha Christie hade uppskattat det här spelet som börjar med en enkel kidnappning och sedan leder till vampyrer och ofantliga skatter. Det nya kamerasystemet gör att man verkligen känner sig delaktig i spelet och får större kontroll då man kan styra vyn oberoende från huvudfiguren. Trots det finns det små missar i själva spelandet som stör och tar onödig tid. Själva historien blir dock aldrig lidande och är en som varje deckar-fan kommer att uppskatta. Bra peka-klicka spel har det varit ont om ett tag men här är äntligen ett värt namnet.
Oh Lady Jane Jensen! Wie bekommst du nur immer so spannende Mischungen zu Stande, die aus mindestens drei, vier verschiedenen Vorlagen bestehen? Da sehe ich gerne darüber hinweg, dass nicht alle Rätsel mit gesundem Menschenverstand erklärbar sind. Dafür ist die Atmosphäre so kräftig wie ein Ritter und meine Lust, unbedingt noch das Ende der Geschichte zu erfahren, höher als bei jedem anderen Adventure der letzten Zeit.
Meristation (Jan 30, 2000)
Comentaba hace un tiempo la reputada diseñadora Jane Jensen la dificultad de encontrar nuevos retos para proponer a los jugadores de aventuras, en un género en el que todo parece haberse inventado ya, y en el que cada nuevo título tiende a convertirse en una reiteración, en una vuelta de tuerca más sobre las mismas ideas de siempre. Así que es natural que al descubrir la existencia de un sorprendente acertijo llamado ‘Le Serpent Rouge’ Jensen comprendiera que se trataba del material perfecto para sus cazadores de sombras, y que un rompecabezas tan intrigante, complejo y diferente bien se merecía toda una aventura.
GamersWanted (Dec 07, 1999)
Ok, I may be biased here since I absolutely loved the first 2 games, and the story of this one just totally blew me away. I think Sierra made a mistake of releasing the game at this time, as it is the wrong holiday for a game with this sort of a story. However if you aren’t the zealously religious type, and love a good occult tale, this one will make you very happy. I have to congratulate and thank Jane Jensen and her team for crafting one of the most interesting games that I have played this year. With this game, I think Sierra has actually proven that it can create adventure games that live up to the reputation of the company, and for the first time in many years, Sierra finally has taken the throne back from LucasArts in this arena of gaming.
80 (GAF) (Mar 28, 2004)
Playing Gabriel Knight 3 is a lot like watching those old “House of the Future” shorts from the fifties; it’s a trip into a future which never quite made it. Instead of self-aware toasters and robots that take care of the kids, it’s a fully 3D point-and-click adventure game. Unfortunately, the point-and-click adventure has gone the way of the buffalo and we never got to see where this great game would’ve taken us.
PC Games (Germany) (Dec, 2000)
Aus der Totalen betrachtet ist Gabriel Knight 3ein spannendes Monumentalwerk. Anspruch mit Witzigkeit zu verbinden und zahllose, grundverschiedene Storyfäden glaubhaft miteinander zu verflechten - das glückt selten. Dafür bin ich empfänglich, dafür denke ich herzlich! Leider zieht sich die Startphase aber wie Kaugummi, so dass vorzeitige Kapitulationen keine Ausnahme bleiben werden. Außerdem: Auf die Lösung für manches Problem kommt man mangels subtiler Hinweise allenfalls zufällig. Sicher, die schöne Ratgeberfunktion leistet Schützenhilfe - aber genau die geht gegen meine Knoblerehre. Die 3D-Optik erfüllt ihren spielerischen Zweck dagegen perfekt, wenngleich die Umgebungsgrafik hinter Mimik und Gestik zurücksteht. Eine uneingeschränkte Kaufempfehlung gilt, wenn Sie bereit sind, sich auf die ausgedehnte Reise in die Mystik wirklich einzulassen.
Adventure Gamers (Jan 30, 2004)
In January of 1982, a book entitled "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" was published. Challenging that the traditional, accepted view of the life of Christ was incomplete, the authors plotted a strange path connecting the mystery of a hidden treasure in the small French village of Rennes-le-Chateau to the history of the Cathars, the Templars, and the Priory of Sion. The book caused no small amount of controversy amongst Christians, especially considering that the book implied a deliberate conspiracy on the part of the Catholic Church to hide or recast certain portions of the messiah's story, most particularly the role of Mary Magdalen.
GameStar (Germany) (Dec, 1999)
Trotz dieser Einschränkungen bin ich Gabriels Gralsjagd gerne gefolgt. Neben der Geschichte hat mir vor allem die Computer-Recherche inklusive simuliertem Internet gefallen, bei der man geschickt Schritt für Schritt auf die richtige Spur gebracht wird. Wenn Sie ein Mystery-Faible besitzen, werden Sie bis zum Schluß gut unterhalten. Für Teil 4 empfehle ich, zu den 2D-Wurzeln zurückzukehren.
PC Games (Germany) (Apr, 2002)
(Second review)
Gabriel Knight 3 ist ein altmodisches Adventure im besten Sinne. Es gibt knackige Rätsel und Krimnalfälle durch Kombination zu lösen, Intrigen zu durchschauen und unterhaltsame Gespräche zu führen. Zwei Punkte vergällen den Spaß nur ein wenig: 3D-Grafik und Bedienung verkomplizieren das Puzzeln manchmal unnötig und der langsame Aufbau der Story macht einem den Einstieg schwer.
Mooi maar niet meeslepend, teveel van het ene en te weinig van het andere. Het is afwachten wat andere Gabriel Knight-fans van dit derde avontuur zullen vinden.
Fassen wir zusammen: Vampirismus, vermißte Babys, blonde Sexisten, Gemunkel über den Gral und den Orden der Tempelritter, wenig heilige Geistliche, Bild&Ton schön, Story rund, Rätsel selten, Spielspaß vorhanden durch stimmiges, wenn auch neuartiges, den Tester verwirrendes Design.
Overall, the recommendation is that fans of Gabriel Knight will enjoy GKIII. Those that hate obtuse puzzles will want to steer clear. The real attraction to GKIII is the information about Rennnes-le-Chateau and surrounding environs. It’s the next best thing to actually traveling to the south of France, and a lot cheaper. Just about every theory on the RLC mystery is presented, some of which are fascinating and may interest players enough to spark further research.
70 (UK) (Dec 23, 1999)
GK3 is a superb game with a truly deep story. Couple this with a rather good looking graphics engine, some great dialogue, detailed environments, and an all round attention to detail, and you have a great game. Unfortunately though, thanks to the nature of the adventure system and the pauses while loading scenes, the game can become tedious at times.
I had fun with Jane Jensen's latest tale of the Shadow Hunter Gabriel Knight. Jensen's writing is good and interesting. The story presented here is one of the best in its genre and perhaps the most controversial. This sort of product is good for our industry and I hope there are more like it. This is a product designed for would-be sleuths that enjoy their settings a tad bit darker than normal. It's equipped with tons of powerful adventuring tools, such as a newly designed 3D engine and free-floating camera, and contains one of the most riveting endings I've seen all year. But ultimately I wish it had offered me more. Had the story paced itself a little better and had there been scarier and more intense scenes akin to what we saw in The Beast Within, Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned would have been far more enjoyable.
FiringSquad (Jan 12, 2000)
For die hard adventure fans, and fans of the series, Gabriel Knight 3 is a fine game and makes for hours of solid entertainment. However, the uneven graphics engine and the the sometimes overly difficult puzzles keep the game from being a genre buster - the kind of game that would draw in non fans to try it out. It's got a fascinating and complex plot that's based on real history and legends, so playing the game is in many ways, an "educational" experience. However, when you get down to the core, Gabriel Knight 3 is a solid, but not earth shattering adventure game. It's all a matter of taste - if you're an adventure fan, you'll probably like this game a lot, so you're safe buying it outright. If not, try the demo out first.
ESC Magazine (Jan 22, 2000)
Any self-respecting Schattenjager would be intrigued by the latest Gabriel Knight game: It appears to be one thing, but eventually turns out to be a whole other animal altogether. Is that a good thing? Somewhat. Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned begins as a good whodunit. Then it becomes a really, really good whodunit. And in the end most of the player’s work is for naught.
It's been a while since a major U.S. publisher has released a traditional adventure game, so it's not surprising that a lot of gamers have been awaiting Jane Jensen's latest installment of the Gabriel Knight series. Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned may not live up to all of the hype and it does have a few noticeable flaws, but it is still a quality game worth serious consideration.
GameSpot (Dec 10, 1999)
It has several problems that will dampen the experience for all but the most die-hard fans of the series.
Withingames (May 20, 2001)
Der Schattenjäger ist zurück! Nachdem er bereits das Rätsel um die Hexen von Salem gelöst hat und im tiefsten Bayern auf Werwolfjagd war, sucht Gabriel Knight in seinem neuesten Abenteuer in einer französischen Kleinstadt nach dem heiligen Gral und versucht das Geheimnis um eine Gruppe von angeblichen Vampiren zu lösen. Das Spiel weist manchmal etwas zu schwere Rätsel und eine rückständige Grafik auf, die Steuerung ist sogar noch umständlicher als beim Konkurrenten Grim Fandango. Dagegen besitzt der Titel eine fantastische Story, die für starke Motivationsschübe sorgt.
Who would have guessed that Jane Jensen and crew could so botch the puzzle design? Or how bad a performance Tim Curry would turn in? His New Orleans accent has always been off, and his delivery a little too coy for his character, but he’s never been this God-awful. Alas, things broke down. The center could not hold. GABRIEL KNIGHT has fallen; let’s hope he doesn’t take adventure gaming with him.