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Gadget Tycoon Credits


Presented byJean-Christophe Marquis, Jean-Marc de Féty
Head of ProductionJean-Philippe Depotte
Project ManagersCécile Duperray (C-SIL), Hervé Denis (MEGABLAST)
Artistic DirectorHervé Nedelec (NRV)
3D InfographistsFrançois Laurent (FRENZ), Roberto Danielé (RD3D)
Additional GraphicsArnaud Barbier (VON SKROMEL)
Lead ProgrammerVincent Duvernet (SCOUBIDOU)
Artificial IntelligenceThomas Leinekugel (ELKAGE)
Interface ProgrammerMartin Milenkovic
Network ProgrammerNicolas Sérouart (JOENICO)
Simulation ProgrammerNicolas Sérouart (JOENICO), Thomas Leinekugel (ELKAGE)
ScriptwriterPeter Turner
SongwriterPeter Turner
Musical ArrangementLudovic Sagnier
SingerYasmine Shah

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Credits for this game were contributed by Riamus (8519)