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atari kombinera

Galax Empires Credits

17 people

Island Dream, Games and Soft

Lead Game DesignerMiguel Ángel Carrillo Guillén
GraphicsMiguel Ángel Carrillo Guillén
Programming and PC ConversionJuan Gabriel Covas
Additional ProgrammingJavier Maura Segura
Additional Art and 3D RenderingMiguel Frau Segura
MusicAbraham Pazos, Daniel Pazos
WriterJaime F. Roca
Additional DesignDavid Bibiloni
Technical SupportAntonio Arteaga
Beta TestersLorenzo Bordoy, Jose Román, Bartolomé Covas, Miguel Vargas

Cage-Soft SL

German User Manual localizationDaniela Kropeit, Ina Kropeit
German User Manual correctionsHeinz Uden
Game Text Localization to GermanThomas Bärtich

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Credits for this game were contributed by Zeen (4531)

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