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Game Over in Machinimation Credits

16 people (12 developers, 4 thanks)


Developed byFountainhead Entertainment
Produced byKatherine Anna Kang
Programming byJah Raphael, Brett Estabrook
Level Design byFrederick D. Whitlark, Lloyd Morris
Art byFrederick D. Whitlark, Rowan Crawford
Visual Effects byMatthew C. Ross, Jah Raphael, Frederick D. Whitlark
Game Modeling and Animation byMatthew C. Ross, Rowan Crawford, Michael Mellor
Original Raquel Model byDKP Studios
Raquel's Voice byLucy Liu
Additional Sounds byMatthew C. Ross, Preston Cooksey
Special thanks toLarry Shapiro (at CAA), Seamus Blackley (at CAA), Dave Goetsch (at Carsey Werner Mandabach), and the folks at

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