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Game Over in Machinimation Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Background story
Starting out in a shaft
Finding some health packs
In the sewers
Finding a scroll
Map of the facility
Fighting a guard with the gat
Found some new equipment
Taking a look in the mirror
Getting access from computer
Shutting down a fan
This station recharges armour
Getting shot at
Using the blaster
Will need to turn the flow off
Using the jetpack of the blaster
Taking damage from pool of goo
Taking out an enemy
Trying to avoid getting crushed by these
Grenner in use
The alien monkey
Sniping with the hypersonic disruptor
Attack from above
Moving fans
Key card found
Getting killed
The halanzer
Multiplayer map (playing against bots)
Score board
Annoying ad robot
In multiplayer the monkey gives extra points
The HUD can be changed to something smaller