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Gangsters: Organized Crime Credits

Hothouse Creations

Original ConceptPeter Moreland, Rob Davies
ProducerPeter Moreland
ArtworkAndrew Gibbon, Jason Howard, Steve Teague
Sound EffectsAllister Brimble
Music composedDavid R. Punshon, Richard Wells
Game DesignMartin Capel
ProgrammingJonathan Evans, Cei Gladstone, Tim Mann, Jon Wakeman
MarketingMartin Carr
In game SpeechPhilip Morris Music and Voice production
Cinematic SequencesMaverick Media
The Gang would like to thankRob and his band of Cutthroats, Steve and his brood of Abominations, Gina Schofield, Justin Manning, Leigh Atley, Nathan Hook, Adrian E. Smith, Audra Kirk, Andrew Johnson, Charles Cornwall, Charlotte De Baeza, Darren Hedges, David Burton, Debbie Lash, Flavia Timiani-Dean, Frank Parker, Grant Dean, Ian Livingstone, Janet Swallow, Jeremy Heath-Smith, Jo Nicklin, John Davis, John Kavanagh, Jonathan Kemp, Jonathan Lees, Jonathan Rosenblatt, Kirstie Milne, Leah Owens, Lee Briggs, Mike McGarvey, Michael Souto, Nick Davies, Noel Shields, Paul Glancey, Paul Hyslop, Rashon Chowdhury, Ray Smith, Rebecca West, Rose Montgomery, Steve Hickman, Steve Starvis, Tim Brion, Toni Mount, Tony Bourne, Frank Hom, Gary Keith, James Poole, Kelly Zavislak, Paul Baldwin, Susan Boshkoff, Tricia Gray, Michael McHale, Beco Mulderij, Kay Lankarany, Knut Jochen Bergel, Rolf Duhnke, Sascha Green-Kaiser, Lars Wittkuhn, Volker Rieck, Florent Moreau, Patrick Melchior, Priscille Demoly, Stéphan Gonizzi, Stephane Cormier, and all the hoods at Eidos QA

Eidos Interactive

ProducersAndrew Johnson, Frank Hom
Senior ProducerGrant Dean
European Development ManagerSteve Hickman
QA Manager USMichael McHale
Marketing DirectorJohn Davis
Marketing ManagerDavid Burton
Marketing ExecutiveRebecca West
Creative Services ManagerRashon Chowdhury
Special ThanksJohn Kavanagh, Rose Montgomery, Lee Briggs, Michael Souto, Steve Starvis, Nick Davis, Will Jeffries, Nigek Barton, Robbie Burns Promotions, A Creative Experience
Testers (uncredited)Jason Walker, Patrick Cowan, Tom Murton, Lawrence Day, Jonathon Redington, Linus Dominique, Michael Hanley, John Ree, Gavin Skinner, Clint Nembhard, and many more
Localisation ManagerFlavia Timiani-Dean
QA Manager UKTony Bourne
Public RelationsJonathan Rosenblatt
Package design man-handled and directed byda mob at A Creative Experience, Frank Parker (Legit), Nat Foster (Frenchy), Mark Beevers (Shoes), Quinton Luck (Ladies)

Eidos Germany

German Marketing and PRKay Lankarany (Lucky)
General PRSascha Green-Kaiser, Herald Communications
German Localization LeadLars Wittkuhn (Winner)
Texts byRolf D. Busch (D-Day), Thomas Schmidt (Sunny)
VoicesHastings Germany
Special Support byMatthias Lührsen (Loverboy), Kay Lankarany (Lucky), Nico Thiessen (Terminator)
TestSören Winterfeldt (Winterbottom)
Special Thanks toFlavia, KMF, 'Leightwight' Lohse, 'Nudy' Neumann, Martin Carr (Caesar), Peter Moreland (Muscles-from-Bristol), Grant Dean (Don), Andrew Johnson (Superfly), 'Das Trickwerk', Michael Hengst (Hurry), Volker Rieck (The Joke), A.C.E., Frank Parker (Party), Quinton 'The Surferboy', Mark Beevers (Billyboy), Nathalie
and the Super GangstersPat Camminz (The Cat), Atze Smarsly (Schmatz), Uhl Kissing (King), Shettland‑Pony Mr. B.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jason Walker (1779), Xoleras (66720) and formercontrib (159029)