Garden Defense Credits (Windows)

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Garden Defense Credits


Creative DirectorAndy Megowan
Art DirectorIsrael Evans
Art byMichael McKinley, Nicholas Trahan
Production EngineerJoshua Billeaudeau
Engineering and DevelopmentKyle Foley, Kevin Prior
Additional Engineering byEric Ciocca, John Crane, Andrey Demenev, Sergey Galustyan, Ruslan Kadyrov, Denis Muratshin, Arron St. John
Director of Cut ScenesJames Bradrick
Cut Scene Animators and ArtistKirk Barnett, Erin Boldenow, Crystal Fraiser, Bob Lindenmayer, Susan Oleinik, Stan Shaw, Ben Thibert, Don Wallace
as the voice of Charlotte SmithMona Leach
Special ThanksColleen Bell Agency, Golden Goose Games, Studio Walljump
Additional ThanksThe Old Spaghetti Factory

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