Garden Defense Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main game screen
The Lindencroft Suburb sign as seen from the opening cut scene. The Smith family lives in Lindencroft, and that is where their adventure begins.
Allen Smith, creator of kitschy gadget defenses
Charlotte Smith is greeted at the door by her mom, Laurel.
This is Charlotte's pet widow spider, Merriam. She's the Widow of Mass Destruction (WMD).
Gameplay shot from a Birdsong Woods level
An intense battle rages in Birdsong Woods.
The flower beds in the town of Grand Chap are under attack.
Merriam, the Widow of Mass Destruction is about unleash the hurt in the abandoned garden at the Jardin House.
The Super Snail as listed in the in-game field guide.
The Super Gnome as listed in the in-game Garden Catalogue.
This is one of Allen Smith's chalk board tutorials.