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Overall, this is a cute and pleasant game and is recommended for anyone considering a new game or gift for a child. Unfortunately, this little gem can’t be readily found haunting the shelves of stores in the US, but customers can find it floating around Mindscape’s UK store where it can be purchased and will be shipped to customers in the US.
As I played Gast, I had the notion that I was experiencing a “Grim Fandango lite”… and from me that is high praise, indeed. By no means is it EQUAL to that earlier classic, but the influence is clearly present. Gast has style; it has character; it has energy… most of all, it has what I find many games lack – a true sense of adventure! If it’s a kids’ game, call me a kid, because I thoroughly enjoyed myself. If you’ve got children either living in or visiting your household, Gast should be a no-brainer, and even if you don’t, do yourself a favour and consider this one (you don’t have to tell anyone you played it; we’ll just keep it our little secret).
Adventurearchiv (Oct 12, 2002)
In our neighboring country, the Netherlands, "Gast" just has been nominated for the CineKid Media Award 2002, which takes place in the middle of October. I think that "Gast" here deserves more than only a nomination (competitors are among others Alice in Wonderland by Emme, Harry Potter and Freddi Fish 5), because it is surely the most unusual and most innovative title for the range (and not only for this) of children games! Exploring the eerie environment and the many possibilities for puzzle solution is not only fun for children but will also entertain their parents well. But there are also minus points: sometimes the unusual camera perspectives lead to a loss of orientation, speech is often incomprehensible and sounds beepy, and the film sequences are of bad quality.
Just Adventure (Nov 19, 2002)
Keep in mind that the first 90% of Gast is still a joyful experience. You will become a kid at heart as you lose yourself in the ghoulish surroundings and concentrate on cracking the riddles presented by your opponents. Highly recommended for any adventure gamer that does not fear playing a kid’s game with adult undertones or for anyone who just likes a scary good time.
Quandary (Nov, 2002)
There is a lot to like about this game. It looks like something Tim (The Nightmare Before Christmas) Burton would make, and it is a many layered and well put together offering. However it felt like it was in need of a definite demographic, as it is ultimately a product not quite here or there. It's perhaps too childlike for many adults, too simple for many older children, and probably too dark and mechanically difficult for the younger ones. Which doesn't mean that my daughters and I didn't have some fun, just that a more focussed target audience would have produced a better game.
Gast certainly is one of a kind—its uniqueness is what saves it from the ol' dung heap—but it sure wasn't very fun to play. And having to start the game all over again just to bulk up for the final arcade sequence was really not to my liking. I would recommend Gast only to someone whose sole criterion for a gaming good time is replayability; I'm thinking there must be some way to play through the entire game and have no henchghouls left over at the end. But it won't be me that goes looking for it. You can stick a fork in me 'cause I'm done.