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Gearheads Credits

43 people (40 developers, 3 thanks)

The Gearheads Creators

Executive ProducerBrian Loube
Game Concept and DesignFrank Lantz, Eric Zimmerman
Technical DirectorDaniel Reznick
PC ProgrammerEphraim Cohen
Mac ProgrammerMark Nilsen
ProducerStacy Koumbis
Additional Game DesignBrian Loube, Karen Sideman
Character DesignerDavid Zung
3-D Computer Graphics DirectorMark Voelpel
3-D Production ManagerKatie Haser
3-D Computer AnimatorsDoug Johnson, Steve Blakey, David Barosin, Edip Agi, Fred Nilsson, Henry Kaufman
Music and Sound DesignMichael Sweet, Elias Associates

Susan Brand Studios

Art Director, Animation DirectorSusan Brand
Production ManagerLynn Keller
Art Process ManagerKyle Willberg
Background ArtistEleanor Shelton
Logo DesignLaura Williams

Philips Production

President, Philips Media GamesDavid McElhatten
Project ManagerJennifer Sward
Design ConsultantChristopher Erhardt
Lead PlaytesterJake Hagopian
Vice President, MarketingSteve Sandborg
Marketing Consultant, GamesEd Zobrist
Marketing DirectorErica Montolfo
Marketing ManagerSarah Hicks
Cover Design byPacific/West Communications Group
Packaging Design byClifford Selbert Design Collaborative
Manual Content Design byWintner Design
Project Manager EuropeDarren Hedges
Assistant Project Manager EuropeStephen Robertson
Creative DirectorTony Takoushi
Director European Marketing GamesJeff Tawney
Product ManagerAbigail Grant
Special Thanks toRobert Holmes, The Source, MJ Associates

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (158422) and Alaka (77636)