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Gemini Rue Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
The opening sequence makes clear this takes place in the future.
The first scene with patient Delta-Six in the surgery room, involuntarily ready to have his memory wiped.
Title screen
Meet Azriel Odin
Most people in Pittsburgh are scared of the Boryokudan
Use terminals to look up information about places and people.
A map of different cities. You can only visit Pittsburg though.
It always rains in this city.
Hopefully that will impress the receptionist so as to make him release some information.
I've been shot, time to load a save.
The Director follows all Delta-Six' moves.
You appear to know this girl, but you can't remember her.
This is your room.
A meeting in a dark alley
Meet Kane and his space ship
Talking inside the space ship to prepare the next move
Delta-Six is rudely woken in his cell.
Another woman who seems to know you. She is working in the maintenance room where they keep the prisoners busy.
This is probably the most difficult puzzle in the game.
Showing the inventory and possible actions
This girl likes to hide her face.
One of the four secret anime characters you can meet in the game.
A warehouse, there are some crates to investigate.
The Boryokudan are everywhere.
Showing some conversation options
Reading a newspaper
Analyze some photos in CSI-style. Enhance!
Azriel arrives at an abandoned weather tower, used to control the weather.
All the machinery is broken here.
This is what a complicated gunfight looks like.
These cylinders can crush you.
Further exploring the ship
Travelling through space
The hull of Kane's space ship
Controlling the radar in a Nebula storm
What's that rock in the distance?
Using your communicator - contact list