Geneforge 4: Rebellion Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

In-game graphics are fairly abstract, and illustrations help the player envision the world.
Loading screens feature detailed descriptions of several wide-spread species.
There are two massive global maps depicting two portions of the continent.
There are several classes in the game, each is perceived differently by NPCs.
Upon the player's first visit to any location, he is provided with a description of the environs.
The protagonist can create a variety of servants to do his bidding.
As the selection of servants widens, new modifications are enabled.
Primitive, but battle-hardened creatures are often almost as effective as advanced designs.
An extensive skill system allows for good character customization and replayability.
Many spells and creations remain useful throughout the whole game.
There is a lot of variety to items in Geneforge 4, many of them can be combined.
The player has full control of his party in combat, efficient tactics are important.
A stealthy, skilled player with high disarm trap skill may avoid many battles.
The player can often defeat his opponents without direct confrontation, for instance, by using environment, being persuasive, attracting unexpected allies.
The world of Geneforge 4 is not a simple one, every second person is a traitor or a double agent.
The setting of Geneforge 4 might be described as post-apocalyptic fantasy.
A player too fond of illegal rebel substances often cannot control his temper when questioned by inferior beings.
The player can always save text that he finds noteworthy, such as recipies, in a special section of his journal.